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100 Ways to Stay Healthy and Young Longer Than You Expect.

People throughout the world always aim to have the healthiest body possible.

Due to this, the health and fitness industries are making a lot of money with their fitness equipment, special diets, herbal supplements and workout tapes.

When you turn on the television, it is common to find a commercial asking for money to help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Yes, a lot of those options are good, but there are some that you should stay away from. Because many of them are just to lure you to spend your money and they may do more harm than good.

And it is recommended that if you are taking pharmaceuticals or any supplement that have not been prescribed by a doctor, you need to stop.

  A Few Quick Facts On Health Concerns

quick facts on health concerns

Today, we are going to give you 100 (yes, exactly 100) ways to stay healthy and young longer than you expect …

And the first one on the list is:

1. Improve Your Cholesterol


Having high levels of bad cholesterol will put you at risk of dementia. You can improve your cholesterol by controlling your weight and following a proper diet.

2. Improve Your Blood Sugar

You can control your blood sugar by exercising on a routine basis, staying lean and eating right. If your blood sugar stays high, you are going to need medication in order to keep it in control.

3. Don’t Smoke

Smoking not only ages you, it can kill you way before your time. So, at all costs, you need to avoid smoking.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol


If you want to drink alcohol, don’t drink any more than 2 per day. Drinking too much alcohol can do more harm than good.

5. Watch What You Eat

You certainly need to watch what you eat. There are many foods out there that can harm you – saturated fat and cholesterol from animal sources should be avoided.

6. Watch Your Calories

By watching your calories, you can look young for a longer period of time and add years to your age.

Stick to a 2,000/daily calorie diet.

7. Don’t forget about the B’s

There are three B vitamins you shouldn’t leave out. This includes VB6, B12 and folic acid.

These vitamins can help lower your homocysteine levels.

8. Socialize with Others

Feel free to socialize with others and have fun. By doing this, you can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. People who have good social lives have longer life expectancies.

9. Wear a Helmet

Wear a Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle, while it isn’t the law, you should protect your head by wearing a helmet.

Moderate to severe head injuries early in life will increase the risk of cogitative impairment when you get older.

A concussion will increase the risk by a factor of 10.

10. Watch Your Emotions

Individuals who are anxious or depressed most of their lives may cut their lives short.

It is important that you learn how to control your emotions and don’t let things bother you.

11. Wear Your Seatbelts

What does wearing a seatbelt have to do with your health? Well, seat belts help keep you safe.

There are so many people who died at a young age because they did not wear their seatbelts in the car.

Even if you’re only going a couple of blocks, wear your seatbelt.

12. Eliminate the Negative Attitude

think positive

Having a negative attitude, believe it or not, will have a negative impact on not only your health, but your looks as well. Always try to find the silver lining in life, even when the going gets tough.

13. Pay Attention to Your Teeth

Many times, people overlook their teeth and gums. Having cavities could cause bacteria, yeast and fungus to get into the body. Take care of your teeth by flossing and brushing them every day.

14. Don’t Soak Up too Much Sunshine

Who doesn’t love laying out in the sun? Yes, there are many benefits to soaking up the sun, but having too much of it can be harmful to you, especially if you aren’t wearing sun protection. It can cause wrinkles and cancer.

15. Eat Almonds

Almonds are good for you, so eat them. They made a nice snack and studies have shown that an ounce of almonds contains as much protein as red meat. They can reduce the risk of a heart attack by up to 50 percent.

16. Keep Your Hands Washed


At a young age, we learned to keep our hands washed. Most diseases are spread through touch, whether it is from object to a person or person to person.

By washing your hands on a routine basis, you can reduce the spread of germs. Here is a Quote from CDC.

Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness

17. Rest Your Eyes

Many of us use the computer a lot. If you sit in front of the computer, make sure you take breaks to give your eyes a rest.

18. Flaxseed

Eating flaxseed on a daily basis will help you keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Flaxseeds are rich in dietary fibers that absorb LDL cholesterol.

19. Your Sugar Intake

People drink juices, thinking they are cutting their sugar intake, when in all actuality; the juice may have more sugar than a soda. Always check the sugar content before you drink or eat it.

20. Berries Are Good for You

Berries are sweet and good for you. They contain a large amount of antioxidants and some berries have resveratrol, which helps fight cancer and heart disease.

21. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods that contain chilies, cayenne or other hot peppers will help pull up those endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that make the human body feel good and many times, they’re referred to as a natural morphine.

22. Breast Exams

As a woman, you need to conduct a regular breast exam. You can do this in your shower or while lying down.

23. Intimacy

If you’re in a good relationship, make time for intimacy. Sex is a good way to reduce stress.

24. Eliminate the Caffeine

Caffeine, believe it or not, can cause you to become dehydrated. Instead of drinking coffee or soda, try drinking some herbal tea.

25. Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea on a daily basis can speed up your metabolism and is a nice source of flavonoids.

26. Reduce Your Sodium Intake


In order to reduce your blood pressure, reduce the amount of sodium – that’s salt. Salt is found in canned vegetables, soup, and soda.

27. Your Family History

Your family history may include certain types of diabetes, cancer, asthma or other illnesses. You need to discover your family history and talk with your physician.

28. Reduce Puffy Eyes

Use a mixture of alpha-lipoic acid eye therapy and Vitamin C ester in order to reduce those puffy eyes.

29. Get Those Cravings under Control

You will crave for different types of food, especially junk food – it is important that you learn to control those cravings.

30. Acupuncture May be a Good Idea


There’s a reason acupuncture dates back to over 2,000 years. Acupuncture is beneficial as it stimulates various areas of your body that have a direct relation to your internal organs.

Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine in which fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes

31. A Nice Therapeutic Massage

Massage can reduce stress, alleviate pain and promote good health.

32. Eat Less at Night

Breakfast is important. Lunch should be healthy. Dinner should be light and healthy. Avoid eating snacks before bed.

33. Vitamins

It is important that you take your daily dose of vitamins.

34. Get Rid of Stress

Stress is a big contributor to poor health. Eliminate it.

35. Get Your Rest

A lack of sleep can hurt you. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.

36. Don’t Forget to Laugh

Laughter really is one of the best medicines. When you laugh, you forget about your pain and your muscles relax.

37. Yoga

Yoga can help stretch your ligaments and muscles. It can also help you tone your body and develop a clear mind.

38. Don’t’ Mix Medications

Mixing medications is dangerous – don’t do it unless your doctor recommends it.

39. Don’t’ Act Too Old

Stay young at heart. Acting old will cause you to feel old.

40. Schedule Regular Checkups

regular checkups

You need to schedule regular checkups to the doctor – pap smears, checking for colon cancer, EKG’s, mammograms, etc.

41. Meditate

By meditating on a daily basis, you will be clearing your mind and relaxing your body.

42. Walking

Walking is a great way to stay in shape.

43. Jogging

If you prefer jogging, it is also a great way to stay in shape.

44. Bicycling

Bicycling can help you build a stronger cardiovascular system and tone your body.

45. Swimming

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise.  It can help you lose weight and tighten your body.

46. Playing Tennis

Playing tennis is a good way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and shed pounds.

47. Dancing

Dancing is fun and also a great way to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

48. Workout Tapes

There are many workout tapes available for you – go ahead, buy one and use it on a routine basis.

49. Squats

These are good for your hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads.

50. Abdominal Crunches

Crunches are a great way to keep your abdomen and thighs in better shape – making you look younger than you are.

51. Tricep Press

Tricep presses will give you firm arms, making you look younger.

52. Exercise Often

Working out is a great way to stay in shape and keep your body looking young for a longer period of time.

53. Expand your Social Ring at the Gym

Expanding your social ring at the gym and making new friends is good for your health.

54. Tighten your muscles

Add weight training in the mix and tighten your muscles.

55. Heat Therapy

Reduce long-term effects or injury by using heat therapy.

56. Do Not Run on the Beach

Running on the beach, in the sand, will do more harm than good. Sand produced more force on your joints.

Here is a Post on Health benefits of Running.

57. Eat the Right Foods to Get Energy

When you feel your body dragging behind, eat rice cakes, carrots, breakfast cereals, and bananas.

58. Find the Right Shoes

Don’t go for low-quality shoes. Shoes with poor durability can cause injury.

59. Resistance

Go ahead and add some resistance to your routine for the next time you workout.

60. Take Breaks

Don’t push yourself too hard – take breaks throughout your day.

61. Exercising during the summer

Exercising outdoors is good because it gives you fresh air. However, you need to stay hydrated – drink 16 ounces every 30 minutes.

62. Set Goals

Set goals and stick to them. This saves you from running around with your head cut off.

63. Do Warm Up Exercises

Before you exercise with full force, take the time to warm your body up.

64. Go Outside

Every day, make it a habit of going outside and enjoying a nice breath of fresh air.

65. Walk Your Dog

Many people stay in shape by walking their dog.

66. Adopt a Dog

If you don’t have a dog and you’re ready for the responsibility, adopt a dog. Dogs are great stress relievers and by adopting one, you can smile with the satisfaction of knowing you saved a life.

67. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – don’t skip it.

68. During Lunchtime

Instead of sitting down and having a big meal, put something light and easy together and go for a walk.

69. Your Breathing

During exercise, there’s a proper way to breathe. You need to get the appropriate amount of oxygen in your system. Research the different breathing techniques during exercise.

70. Go Bowling

Bowling is good exercise and a great way to have fun.

71. Play Golf

Golf is a great sport, but injuries can occur. To avoid torn rotator cuffs, keep your muscles flexible and strengthened.

72. Interval Training

Interval training is a way to lose weight and improve your fitness quickly.

73. Take Water or Fruit or both after Exercise

After you exercise, grab some water or fruit or both. It prevents you from dehydration and gives you energy.

74. Be Familiar with Your Age

Don’t ignore your age. As you get older, you will need to act older – keep a check on your blood pressure and go to the doctor on a routine basis.

75. Accept Sweat

Sweat is your body’s way of keeping you cool, so don’t try to stop sweat.

76. Don’t Work Too Long in the Heat

Try not to work too long in the heat, because it can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

77. Safety First

Whatever you’re doing, whether it is work or playing sports, it is important that you put safety first.

78. Mental Aerobics

Doing brain exercises can help prevent cognitive decline. Go ahead and do some mental aerobics.

79. Avoid Frowning

Frowning is your enemy. If you want to stay younger looking for a longer period of time, avoid frowning because it can cause fine lines.

80. Avoid Squinting

Avoid squinting, because it can cause forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

81. Make Yourself Happy

You need to learn to make yourself happy – there are many benefits to being happy. Happy people have a tendency to look younger for a longer amount of time. According to Harvard School of Public Health.

Research suggests that certain personal attributes—whether inborn or shaped by positive life circumstances—help some people avoid or healthfully manage diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and depression

82. Get Up and Get Moving

Don’t sit on the couch all day – get out there and do something.

83. Go on Vacations

Reduce your stress and enjoy life by going on vacations.

84. Feel the Love

Love is a powerful drug – it releases hormones, such as oxytocin and can reduce anxiety.

85. Drink Red Wine

Red wine is packed full of resveratrol, which is good for you.

86. Consume Essential Fatty Acids

Eat avocados, fish and use natural oils in your salad. Fatty acids are important for your brain and help preserve your skin’s elasticity.

87. Use Supplements on Your Skin

Using lotions that are full of supplements and Vitamin A will help prevent wrinkles.

88. Drink Water


You need to toss out the soda and juices and drink water.

89. Visit the Sauna

Go to the sauna on a weekly basis. This will help your blood circulate better and can bring all of those healthy nutrients directly to your face.

90. Wash Your Face

Wash your face 2 times a day with a gentle soap and soft washcloth.

91. Learn Something New

learn something new

Fulfill your mind and body by learning something new. According to a study done on 145 people in 2004, it is found after interviewing those adults that those who had engaged themselves in learning new things were found to have higher self-esteem and better health. Those adults were also found to have more self-confidence in achieving the things they hope for.

92. Your Hairstyle

If you want to look younger for a longer period of time, keep up with the hairstyle trends.

93. Color Your Hair

Look younger by coloring your hair and hiding that gray.

94. Hair and Makeup Should be Natural

Look younger by sticking to the natural effects.

95. Lipstick that Makes Teeth Look Whiter

Avoid brown tins and stick to makeup that makes your teeth look whiter. Whiter teeth will make you look younger.

96. Moist and Gloss Those Lips

Keep your lips moist and gloss – it will enhance your look.

97. Get a Tooth Whitener

For sparkly looking teeth and that young appearance, use a good tooth whitener.

98. Moisturize Once a Week

To look younger, moisturize your face once a week – even before you start to get wrinkles.

99. Keep Your Nails Done

It is youthful to keep your nails done and in style.

100. Keep Your Hands Moisturized

Dry hands will give your age away in a heartbeat. Keep them moisturized to prevent them from drying out.

There you have 100 ways to stay healthy and younger longer than you expect!

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Photo Sources: CDC, Pixabay, NHS.

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