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118th Day of Running Challenge

​When you don't know your value you try to impress others. But, if you realize your strength, you don't need to impress anyone. When you know yourself and work with your full strength and dedication all people are automatically impressed by you.

Initially, people would criticize you because they doubt your abilities.
It is natural because you have to prove yourself. But, once they know your dedication and will to succeed they like you.

All of them start giving your examples. Your qualities, dedication, and achievements are well praised. Suddenly, you found that you have become a well-known figure. You have more respect now. Everybody comes to you and talks about your achievements and struggles.

But, if you impress others without having any quality you lose respect. People don't like you. You're criticized and nobody wants to be in your company. You lose your strength. You become irritated and less productive. You now care more about what others say about you. You lose focus.

This is time to get rid of such negativity.
Challenge: It was the 118th day of my 1000 running challenge. Today I ran a total of 2.35 kilometers.

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