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123rd Day of Running Challenge

​You don't know when you're going to experience the real benefits of your hard work. But, it is sure you would experience one day. And probably you would not know that it is coming.

We all work hard for a while and when we don't see any success then we either quit or stop progressing. However, you must never get out of your way instead keep on trying and failing until you taste the success.

But only a few people have such patience and dedication to attempting and failing on their way to success.

So, how can you keep yourself motivated for attempting until you get your goal?

If you truly want something then I don't think you do need any motivation.

You must have a burning desire to get what you want. If you don't have such desire you're probably wasting your time and you truly don't want to achieve anything.

If you have a burning desire to succeed, you would not be living well until you find what you're searching for.

You would always be thinking about it wherever you go.
You would be dreaming about it.
You would be ready to do anything whatever it takes to reach your goal. You would be talking about it all the time.
You're no more looking normal to your friends.
You would start living in your dreams.

Challenge: It was the 123rd day of my running challenge and I ran a total of 2.5 kilometers today.

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