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125th Day Running Challenge

Nobody cares about your opinions if you are not a proven person.
If you have not done anything that proves you have been an authority of the subject then nobody believes at you.
You have to first get ready to do anything that could make you a credible person in the eyes of people.

You can't change the lives of people until you change yourself.

Sometimes you have to work hard to achieve something which you can show others to prove your authority. You have to make your identity. Your identity must reflect you and your goals.
If you want to help others then you have to work harder than those whom you're going to help.

Once, you have all those admiring feathers with you then you must be ready to face bigger obstacles on your way. No doubt you learn a lot on your way facing and solving the obstacles.

Challenge: It was the 125th day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 2.73 kilometers.

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