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126th Day of Running Challenge

A monthly review is very essential for keeping you accountable in achieving your goals. And today, when I reviewed my monthly goal I am disappointed.

And the reason is I could not do what I planned to complete by May 2020. I planned to complete lots of things. I broke them down week by week.

 But, I could not work on them because I felt it is too much too complete them in such a small amount of time. Truly, we need to have fewer commitments so that we could focus on them. If you have more commitments you can't focus and you're distracted.

You can't blame yourself all the time for actions because sometimes you need better planning of things. 

Challenge: It is 126th day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 2.56 kilometers.

Running details of 125th day.

Running details for 1st-124th day.

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