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127th Day of Running Challenge

I made some commitments a few months ago where I promised to do some activities daily without fail until I see positive results. I did most of them, but I could not concentrate on the most important activity that was directly related to revenue generation. I kept on delaying. 

And today, when I reviewed my progress, I found out that there is no significant progress on the most important activity.

However, I am quite satisfied because I have improved a lot in some aspects. Some of the good habits that I have developed since the start of this year are as below.

  1. I am participating in daily morning motivation exercise. (5 Minutes)
  2. I do morning gratitude for the things I have. (4 Minutes)
  3. I quit smoking 10 months before and have been smoke-free since then. ( It is already done. This activity does not require any time but motivation)
  4. I eat an apple a day. (5 Minutes)
  5. I drink 750 ml of water every morning just after bed to fully hydrate myself. (4 Minutes)
  6. I do 40 pushups every day. (5 Minutes)
  7. I run a minimum of 1 mile a day. (10-30 Minutes)
  8. I minimized taking sweet tea and replaced it with green tea. I drink a minimum of 1 cup of green tea every day. (5 Minutes)
  9. I read a minimum of 10 pages a day of a thoughtful book that could motivate me for improving every day. (30-45 Minutes)
  10. I write every day. (This is the activity that is related to revenue generation and I am not doing it as much as I must do. I had planned to write a minimum of 1500 words a day. But, I am only writing on an average of 200 words a day. I have to improve here a lot) (60-240 Minutes)

I just want to improve every day in all these activities. 

Running challenge: The total distance covered today is 3.07 kilometers.

Here is the running details for 126th day.

Running details from 1st day to 125th day.

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