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129th Day of Running Challenge

We don't like to fail. We don't like to be criticized. We just don't like to be doing what is compulsory to succeed. But, we all like to succeed and feeling great all the time.

Success is a chain of multiple failures. You don't succeed until you fail. When you fail you learn. You study why did you fail. You look closer and find areas where you need to improve. You study your process and check if it can help you reach where you want to go. If not you make necessary changes.

You should make friends and learn from them.
You must study people who have already done the same things and got success. You must learn from their experiences.
You can save a lot of your time and resources if you learn from others. You can avoid costly mistakes.
You can expedite your process and have a sound process.
You can reach your destination earlier.

Challenge: It was the 129th day of running challenge. Today I ran a total of 3.28 Kilometers.

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