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131th Day of Running Challenge

We read books, we learn, we read again and get some more insight than our first reading. This is the process we mostly follow for reading books. But, have we ever seriously thought that are we getting most from book reading?
If you read an autobiography, you can learn a lot of things that could help you in shaping your life for better.
You learn from the mistakes of that person.
You can learn what you must be doing when you stuck in a problem that does not have an easy solution.
You could prepare yourself better for any financial calamity.
You could learn how to stay motivated at setbacks.
You could learn someone’s full life experience just by reading an autobiography. Reading thoughtful books is very important if you want to achieve big in your life.

It was the 131st day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.12 kilometers.

130th day challenge.

1st-129th day challenge.

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