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134th Day of Running Challenge.

Obstacles are our great teachers. We could learn a lot of things from them. If you have more obstacles on your way to success then you become stronger every time you face an obstacle and get over it.

You achieve more. You get a new experience. You are better than those who did not try because they were afraid of obstacles.

Obstacles could be physical or psychological.

But, they all have more of a psychological impact on your thinking. We are more afraid of them in our thinking than really facing them.

Many people don't start working for their dreams because they don't like to face any obstacles. They think that obstacles would derail their plans.

Rather thinking positively and starting working for their goals they always think about negative outcomes of their hard work.

And whenever they lost in negative thinking, they even don't start working for their goals.

People waste their time which is precious on planning and never starting. They often read good books and learn from thoughtful people. They are motivated for while but they wait for a good time which never comes, and often leaves anything without trying.

Everybody wants to succeed. But, nobody wants obstacles in their ways.

If there are not any obstacles on your way, then you're probably moving on a path that is not worth your time.

Challenge: It was the 134th day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 2.77 kilometers.

133rd day of running challenge.

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