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135th Day of Running Challenge

You need to completely forget the following things if you're aiming high in your life.

  1. Excuse that you don't get enough time ( God does not differentiate here, we all have 24 hours in a day)
  2. We don't have enough resources to move forward in achieving our goals. (You would never have everything in your life and so you have to start whatever you have now. One step a day and you're on your journey to a fulfilled life)
  3. I am not as smart as others are or I lack required abilities to do this ( This is a common excuse. You can't underestimate yourself if you want to achieve something you strive for. If you can't believe at you then why would others believe at you)
  4. This product would not work (No self-doubts if you want to succeed. If you have not tested it you can't judge it. If something does not work then it does not mean you should stop your journey and wait for a miracle. The best way is to keep on trying, failing and learning and then succeeding)
  5. There is too much competition: (If you see competition and you're afraid then you must change your perspective about looking at things. If there is competition then it is proof that it works. If something has worked for others then it may work for you)
  6. I am too old or too young ( You are neither of them. You need to change your thinking and start doing. You are of no value if you're dead)
  7.  If I fail then people would laugh at me: (If you don't try then sooner or later your instinct would start laughing at you. You would start disliking yourself. You could curse you when you would see someone succeeding) 
  8. I have no experience with the things. (The best way to learn something is by doing it. You would not be an expert immediately but you would be better if you keep on learning and applying. The only thing that matters is starting now)

Challenge: It was the 135th day of my running challenge. Today's running distance is 3.02 Kilometers.

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