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136th Day of Running Challenge

Time is limited.
We can't buy time.

You can have as much money in life as you want, and if you lose all of it, you can earn it back. However, you can't buy time or have it more.
It never stops. Day by day, we're getting older, and our strengths are going to reduce.

We all get 24 hours in a day. We must care for our time.
We must be hurried in getting things done in our lives.
If you have planed something then you must be punctual in getting things done in the given time. Every minute gone can't be reverted.
So, don't waste anymore.

Have you ever checked where do you spend most of your time daily?
If you never did this exercise then it is the moment when you must know where is your time going?

You can also ask any old person about the importance of time and she may tell you her emotional story and why nobody should waste time.

So, if you're young then the only thing that matters most is how you can utilize your time more productively.

You must emphasize on how you can get most of your time.
If you don't do it now then definitely you would also have an emotional story to tell to the generation to come.

Challenge: It was the 136th day of running challenge. The distance ran today 2.59 kilometers.

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