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138th Day of Running Challenge

Health is wealth.
We all have heard it.
But, do we follow it in our lives? Can you answer it?
Do you care about your health?
Do you do something to live healthily? Probably not.

We can't understand the importance of living healthy until we fall sick.
We care more about our jobs than our health. We focus and talk more
about jobs than our health.
We join courses to improve our skills on the job but we barely care about attending a workout session.
We have time for our job but we have no time for exercise

We can sit on our couch whole the day watching the sitcoms but when it comes to doing something for health then we have no time.

We can give 10 hours a day for a job but can't spare only a few minutes for exercise. Job gives us food on our plate but the stress, depression, and anger come with it.

Can you name only two things that you do every day and that can protect your health?

If you do you're better than many people who just want to stay healthy but never do anything for the betterness of their health.

But, you can improve yourself and live a healthy life without worrying about anything. You only need to know your health is important than anything.

Challenge: It was the 138th day of running challenge. The distance covered is 3.16 kilometers.

137th day running challenge.

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