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139th Day of Running Challenge

Perfection? What is this? 

Can we be perfect at anything? 

The definition of perfection is" Improving something up to a level until it is faultless". So we can be perfect if not then very much close it.

And we can try it in every field whether you want to improve your health, your skills, your relationships, your thinking or anything whatsoever comes in your mind.

But, you need to be doing something every day to improve it. It is not only quantity but quality and consistency that is paramount here.

You have to work on it every day without fail. You have to move that wheel of the process every day. 

If you do exercise daily, you can improve your overall health and feel good and energetic while you go. Daily exercise can slow the process of aging. You feel better now.

If you write daily, you can become a great writer earning a good income and motivating people through your writing for doing better than what they are doing now.

If you read thoughtful books daily (no matter how many pages you read a day) then you're putting good things in your brain that will enhance your performance and you become more productive.

If you eat a good diet daily then you reduce your chances of getting hospital bills in the future and can live a happy life.

Consistency of doing something can make anyone near perfect and that can result in huge success slowly over time.

Challenge: It was the 139th day of running a challenge. I ran for 3.13 kilometers.

138th day running challenge.

1-137th day running challenge.

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