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140th Day of Running Challenge

Like other days I again showed up for my challenge.
The real benefits of doing something daily is only visible if you do that for a long time. We all know it but we lose it to boredom and quit before the benefits start to appear.

Boredom makes us weak and We lose control over ourselves and surrender to desperation.

However, we have to make a resolve that whatsoever the conditions become, we would not lose hope and keep on moving

Like after every night the sun rises and fills the world with light, we will also grow up and see the lights of success.

Follow the people who had proven their strength and rose to the top of the world through their hard work, determination, and attitude towards the situation.
When you keep on moving then you experience a new strength in yourself that makes you confident.

Setbacks are always there in any journey to success. They teach you great lessons. They make you stronger. They are good for learning.
Believe in yourself and do it again and again until you reach where you want to reach.

Challenge: It was the 140th day of my 1000 days running challenge. The total distance covered today is 3.27 kilometers.

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