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141st Day of Running Challenge

Self-doubt is destructive. If we don't believe what we do then how can we think we would achieve what we want?

You work hard. You take care of everything that could influence the outcome of your success. But, you have double opinions. You are doubtful about your success. You think that you could do better. You think that you need to improve. You think that you would miss it this time.

You find yourself close to failure. And at the last, you live with it.
You lose hope. You regret your process. You blame others rather than yourself.

If you are living with such situations. The only thing that could save you is, take responsibility, and review your process. Improve it and never fall in self-doubt again.

Challenge: it was the 141st day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.27 kilometers.

140th day of running challenge.

1-139th day of running challenge.

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