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142th Day of Running Challenge

You must have a positive attitude towards anything that comes into your life. We all know that our thoughts decide what we would be.
But, we fail to practice it in real life.

When you feel cold and visit a doctor to ease it then your doctor could have two responses. 

He could tell you that it is just a common cold and you don't need to care about it. It would just go away the next morning and you don't need to take any medicines. He suggests some changes in diets for a while.
Suddenly you start feeling great, and you have no worries now. You're now happy.

But, what if your doctor has different things to tell you. He may also tell you that you have some serious problem within, and you need to go immediately for a thorough check-up.
You're now panic.
Suddenly, your thoughts turn negative. You lose hope. Your mind is just thinking about all the negativity it could fabricate.

Here your thoughts are influenced by external sources.
However, you always have control over your thoughts. Have a positive attitude towards anything.

Challenge: It was the 142nd day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.31 kilometers.

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