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143rd Day of Running Challenge

You want to live a great life.
You want all the comforts in your life that this world could provide to anybody.
You have a trust that all your desires would be fulfilled. You try it hard but you don't succeed. You feel low. But, you have hope that you would get there. And hope is a good thing.
It keeps you motivated. It relaxes you. It reminds you that everything is possible. It reminds you can do anything.
It keeps you happy even at the time when you have nothing to cherish. It does not matter where you're or what your condition is, but hope keeps you free from all worries. You strive for things every moment.
As an Arabian proverb has already stated" If you have hope, you have everything.
So you don't lose hope because it is always there to help you in any condition.
Challenge: It was the 143rd day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.31 kilometers.

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