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145th Day of Running Challenge

I have experienced that on the day when I feel that I could not run, I run more and very comfortably because I change my thought and focus on positive outcomes.

It proves that everything is in our minds. We can think good or we can think badly. If we think that we can't do it then we don't do it, and if we do it then it does not go as we want.
But, if we think we can do it then everything starts moving as we thought. Suddenly, we feel confident, and everything behaves differently like they are there to help me.
And this applies to everything. A positive attitude is what makes the difference.
However, we all know it, but we forget to apply it. And those who apply it, leave it so early without enjoying the fruits of this universal technique.
Challenge: It was the 145th day, and today, I ran a total of 3.32 kilometers.

144th day challenge.

1-143rd day challenge.

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