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146th Day Running Challenge

​Don't Quit. This is the sentence we often hear from people or read in books that motivate us truly for attempting one more time.

We have dreams to fulfill. We have big goals. We want to achieve something that could complete our life. We can't live without it. We're obsessed with it.

And this is an amazing thing. All the big achievers have gotten something like that. They worked hard every time even when they felt very low in their lives. When they found that nothing would change and all their attempts have gone in vain. They did not sit idle instead they tried for one more attempt. We can only make attempts and hope of the best. Sometimes, it does not fall in our favor. This is how it works.

Challenge: It was the 146th day of my running challenge. On the 146th day, I ran a total of 2.45 kilometers.

145th day running challenge.

1-144th day running challenge.

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