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147th Day of Running Challenge.

‚ÄčThere are only 24 hours in a day. We have to do all the things in this allotted time. It is the same for everybody.

But, some people are very productive and do a lot better. Some people even don't find these 24 hours sufficient.

They always excuse that their condition is not going to be better because they don't get enough time to work on their dreams. They always worry about their conditions, but hardly do to improve it. They have many excuses.
But, if we don't do something, we are not going to see any change. The situations are never going to improve. You can't expect your day to be more than 24 hours.
You would have many obstacles in your way. All successful people have experienced them.
If you want to live a successful life then don't make excuses. When you stop making excuses then you would start finding the opportunities and become more productive.
Challenge: It was 147th day of my running challenge. I ran a total of 2.55 kilometers.

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