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149th Day of Running Challenge.

​You're tested for your patience in achieving success. You don't know how much time it would take to get to the place where you want to go. You work hard and assess your attempts, but you are far from being called a success.

It is time we feel low. We want to quit. We don't know when we would succeed.

You are in a dilemma now and don't know what to do. Should you continue your journey or quit and try something else?

I am experiencing the same condition now and don't know how I should react here. But, I have decided now. I would continue and keep on attempting until I reach where I want to arrive. 

However, the path is tough, and conditions are not favorable, but there is always a ray of hope. I think to keep fighting is the only solution here.

Challenge: It was the 149th day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 2.4 Kilometers.

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