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150th Day of Running Challenge.

‚ÄčAll of us wish for good health. We never want to fall sick. We expect immunity to diseases and perfect living without even checking our lifestyle.
We have no time for exercise because we're so busy with our jobs.
And if we get some spare time then that is again eaten up by watching TV. We have no time for our kids. Our kids have now been busier on gadgets than on anything. Looking at all those things, how can we expect that we're living healthy?
We don't know whether we're eating a good diet?
Do we get enough vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc? Have you ever thought about this?
You must learn about the diet so that you could care about your health better.
If we just pay attention to what do we eat every day then we can see a significant improvement in our health.
If we're healthy and fit then we're productive and creative. We feel better and achieve more.
So, get some time and learn about nutrition for your health.

Challenge: It was the 150th day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.22 kilometers.

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