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151st Day of Running Challenge

I started this challenge to challenge myself. I have never done anything continuously for such a long time.

It is the first time when I am dedicated and showing up for the challenge every day without fail. There have come many days when I did not feel well. I wanted to miss participating in the challenge that day, but I did not.
Do I see any improvement that anyone can see in me? I don't know. But, I know one thing that I am improving. I don't worry about others because they have no control over me. If I change myself for good or bad that would only affect me. I have still many days left (actually years) to complete my challenge, but the continuity of showing up has motivated me a lot, and I am enjoying the challenge.
Have you ever done anything consistently for a long period? How was your experience?

Challenge: It was the 151st day of running challenge. I ran for 3.25 kilometers today.

150th day of running challenge.

1-149th day of running challenge.

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