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152th Day of Running Challenge.

Sometimes whatever you do, you don't see anything improving. You toil hard but the results become more discomforting than earlier. You feel very low. It seems that you would not see the success.

And you decide that you would not work anymore. You are packed up and ready to quit.
Is this the only solution at that time?
No, Quitting is never a solution to any problem but it is just a complete stop of any progress. When you quit you're out of the game.
If you have worked for something so long, quitting is even more discomforting than continuing.
All successful people have experienced the same thing. Success does not come that simple. It tastes your patience, abilities, and dedication. You have to prove yourself. Your success is the outcome of all your struggles.
And once we overcome all those obstacles, we forget the struggles, and whole the journey looks very simple.

Challenge: It was the 152nd day of running challenge. I ran for 2.48 kilometers

151th day of running challenge.

1-150th day of running challenge.

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