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162th Day of Running Challenge.

I am here striving for living a dream life. I want to succeed. And I want to do anything about this.

But, I know that only hard work can not help me navigate through it to the goal. It needs true and consistent efforts to reach where you want to be.

You must have a vision and purpose of working for your dream life. You should be creative and always ask yourself how you can get this done because you can't do all yourself.

You may know the path to success, but you need a vehicle to reach there faster.
You may also need a guide and mentor until you reach where you want to go. A good plan, dedicated actions, and a mentor are the only things that are essential to great success.

Challenge: It was the 162nd day of my running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.27 kilometers.
161th day running challenge.

1-160th day running challenge.

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