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164th Day of Running Challenge.

What does prevent us from attempting big goals? It is because of our self-doubts.

Many good things are not started because people visualize failure even before taking the first step.

We always think that this would not work, that would not work, we don't have any resources to work for it, markets are crowded, people would reject it, it is an obsolete product, the world is changing fast.

This reflects that we don't want success but we only talk about it. We only delay doing the work having such a mindset.

The number of successful people could be a lot more if people just took the first step rather than having self-doubt on their attempts. If they would have started without having any second thought, then we might be living in a better world. We would have many wonderful things all around us.
The path to success is not a straight line but zigzag.

Challenge: It was the 164th day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.26 kilometers.

163rd day of running challenge.

1-162th day of running challenge.

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