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167th Day of Running Challenge.

For the last 165 days, I am consistently doing something every day on 3 things where I want to improve myself. They are writing, reading, and health. Every day I have done something that could move me closer to where I want to go.
But, If I review my progress then it seems that I am where I was when I started.
I have read reviews of some people where they have shared their stories of how they adopted something and that had changed them within a month if not in a week.
Such stories are motivating.
But, can we see such changes in a short period of time? Well, we must not compare ourselves with anyone. But, when you don't see any progress, it does not feel good. But, we must remember one thing and that is to make a resolution that you would not give up until you succeed.
And this keeps me motivated every time when I feel low and want to quit.
Challenge: It was the 167th day of the run challenge. Today, I ran a total of 2.37 kilometers.

166th day of running challenge.

1-165th day of running challenge.

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