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168th Day of Running Challenge.

We're living in a different kind of world now with tremendous opportunities. The things which were out of reach a few years ago have been affordable or free now. There is good information all around. But, do you need so much of it? We have been lost in information treasure. We're consuming information like anything rather we must learn and apply it for our growth.
We read books, we read them every day. But, are we applying what we're learning from them? If we're reading them only to increase the numbers of books we have read then we're losing the real purpose of books.
We must follow the reading, learning, and application strategy. Only this way, we can become a learned person.

Challenge: It was the 168th day of running challenge. Today, I ran a total of 3.18 kilometers.

167th day of running challenge.

1-166th day of running challenge.

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