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Here Are 19 Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

When you hear about Coconut oil does it still bring you back to the smell of tropical tanning oils?

Well, a lot has changed! Coconut oil is the new trend right now in the health world. It is being described as the cure-all for everything, but is there really something behind this untapped resource? The answer is a resounding YES!

Many Asian cultures as well as Polynesian have long used coconut oil for cooking and skin care. Now everyone is discovering just how versatile this oil truly is.

Coconut oil for many years can be found in soaps. The beautiful decorative soaps with their lovely smells, but most recently it can also be used for countless other beauty needs.

There are also many health benefits to both using coconut oil externally and ingesting it in small amounts. It seems to be a wonderful remedy for many health ailments because it is natural, calm oil.

New recipes now call for coconut oil. According to "Cooking with coconut oil can benefit your digestive system because it contains saturated fats with anti-microbial properties, which help in eliminating parasites, bacteria and other causes of indigestion."

Chef Tiffany Sharpe of Jacksonville, Fl. states, "I use coconut oil in many applications in my kitchen. When I bake I prefer to use virgin coconut oil. It imparts a lovely, nutty flavor with a hint of vanilla. Coconut oil is also my go to for sauteing.” It is a healthier option than using hydrogenated oils. Coconut oil can be used in popcorn, bread, curries, cakes, salads and soups.

Following are the top 19 health benefits of coconut oil usages in our daily lives.

1) Make-up remover

Coconut oil is an easy, natural way to remove mascara and other make-up. Additionally, using no chemicals or fragrance means no irritation.

2) All over skin softener

Coconut oil can be used as a body softener. It can be used in or out the shower. It is also great during and after shaving.

3) Cuticle oil

Dab a bit of coconut oil on those peeling, dry, winter cuticles.

4) Hair oil

Fight the frizzy and static with this great smelling product. Just a little bit rubbed in your hands and applied to your hair will do the trick!

5) Under eye moisturizer for dry skin and eye bags

Some women swear by this remedy to cure dark circles. Either way coconut oil will help moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes. It is best to apply in the evening.

6) Preventative for stretch marks

A pregnant woman’s best friend for preventing stretch marks all over. Apply coconut oil to your skin every day.

7) Lice removal

Comb through the hair instead using the chemical ridden kits. Those lice eggs will slide right out and also suffocate them. Plus coconut oil will actually condition your hair.

8) Hair loss and growth

It is said that nutrients in the oil can aid in hair loss. Rub the oil every night on an area where the loss has occurred. It cannot hurt! It can be preventative as well.

9) Psoriasis and eczema

Coconut oil is a secret remedy known among the select to relieve the irritation caused by both skin conditions. Its anti-bacterial benefits also aid with healing the skin.

10) Cold and canker sores

A little bit of coconut oil applied with a Q-tip in your mouth will not only soothe the irritated spot, but can quicken the healing process.

11) Eliminate Candida

According to 3.5 tablespoons of high quality, virgin coconut oil can help eliminate candida. The fatty acids found in coconut oil are thought to eliminate candida without other stronger strains of yeast developing.

12) Constipation

If you suffer from constipation, taking half a teaspoon 3 times a day before your meal should do the trick. Coconut oil is a great laxative without using a stimulant.

13) Massage oil

Keeping a bottle of coconut oil in your bathroom comes in handy for those sore muscles at the end of the day.

14) Anti-inflammatory

Studies are now coming out that shows coconut oil helps with the pain of arthritis in some patients. The studies proved coconut oil’s natural qualities seemed to help more than over the counter medication. Not to mention none of the side effects from NSAIDs.

15) Alternative cooking oil

Coconut oil is a great alternative for people with food allergies. It is a great replacement for recipes that require dairy and other high food allergens. Try it on toast instead of butter!

16) Aids in digestion

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid which helps with digestion and the body’s ability to absorb vitamins.

17) Anti-bacterial qualities

Due to its components, coconut can be a healthy aid to one's gut and maintaining healthy bacterial levels.

18) Anti-Aging

According to Dr. Oz coconut oil can have a “positive antioxidant action in the body.” It also reduces the “absorption of toxins in your skin.”

19) Baby care

Coconut oil is great for babies since there is no worry of anything artificial or irritating. Coconut oil can be used for infant massage, cradle cap, and even diaper rash!

Coconut oil is a great addition to anyone’s daily routine. Every household should stock this magic oil.

It has many benefits that can be found both internally and externally. Since coconut oil usages vary so widely, it is great to keep a bottle in both your kitchen and your bathroom! It is safe, non-irritating oil.

It is important, however, to buy organic, virgin oil in order to obtain the optimum health benefits as opposed to the processed, refined oil. Non-organic coconut oil can be GMO and also may contain additives. Organic coconut oil can be purchased at health food stores and online.

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