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25 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

Here's the $100 question… the one you want to know the answer to...Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

And if so, then what are the benefits of apple cider vinegar (or, ACV)?

In this article, we're going to answer the above questions, and also:

  • Reveal why you should use apple cider vinegar for weight loss
  • Show you the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar every day
  • Cover the surprising amount of apple cider vinegar health benefits

And much, much more…

By the end of this article, you should have no doubt that apple cider vinegar is among one of the most beneficial liquids for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For You?​

You can probably guess our answer to that question by reading the introduction.

YES! Apple cider vinegar is excellent for you. And here's why:

ACV contains several different antioxidants that can help prevent premature aging and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

ACV can improve insulin sensitivity in those that are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes.

ACV kills harmful bacteria.

ACV can help you lose weight.

ACV can contribute to keeping your heart in healthy condition.

And that's just a taste of the general (most important) overall benefits of using apple cider vinegar every day.

Below, we'll get a little more specific. And give you 25 reasons why apple cider vinegar should become a part of your everyday life:​

Cosmetic-related Reasons

1. It can help clear up your acne by regulating your skin's natural pH levels. Giving your skin back it's necessary acidic protective coating.

2. It can fight foot and toe fungus.​

The anti-bacterial properties of ACV are very effective at treating feet fungus. Soak your foot in 1 cup of diluted ACV.

3. It can rejuvenate hair.

The acetic acid in ACV will remove the chemicals accumulated from hair products and subsequently strengthen your hair.​

4. It can tone skin.

Like egg whites, ACV contains properties that can tone your skin over a period of time. Dab some on a cotton swab and rub across your T-zone.​

5. It can whiten teeth.​

The acidity in ACV has been proven to whiten teeth and kill mouth bacteria. After brushing with it, brush again with toothpaste.

6. It can reduce age spots.​

The sulfur in ACV can help lighten age spots. Apply some to the affected area(s) before bed. Do NOT rinse off.​

7. It can fade bruises.​

The anti-inflammatory properties of ACV can help reduce swelling and fade discoloration from bruises. Dab a teaspoon on the affected area.

8. It can soothe a shave.​

Splashing a shaved area with diluted ACV can help soothe your skin and prevent razor burn. A 50/50 mixture (w/ water) will do the trick.

Health-related Reasons​

9. It can deodorize skin.

Allergic to deodorants and can't stand your body odor? Try rubbing some ACV onto your armpits. It's not the best smelling. But better than BO.​

10. It can soothe an upset stomach because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. A tablespoon of ACV (diluted) should do the trick.​

11. It can prevent indigestion​

When taken within 30 minutes before a meal. The most common way to use it like this is to mix it with a dab of honey (1-to-1 ratio).

12. It can help prevent fatigue.​

ACV can help neutralize the lactic acid build up in your body caused from exercise. This can relieve that tired feeling after working out. ​

13. It can cure bad breath.​

The acidic properties of ACV can cure halitosis. Swish around in your mouth a cup of water mixed with a half-tablespoon of ACV.

14. It can fight yeast infections.​

The anti-bacterial properties in apple cider vinegar can help kill the yeast. Soaking in a warm bath with 1 and ½ cups of ACV is sufficient.

15. It can lower your blood cholesterol by improving your blood's lipid profile and essentially lowering your LDL (bad cholesterol).​

16. It can help control your blood sugar levels.​

Thanks to its anti-glycemic effects, ACV can maintain the right blood sugar levels. Three teaspoons a day will work.

17. It can detoxify your body.​

The next time you take a bath, add a cup or two of ACV. It can remove toxins by drawing them out of our body.

18. It can heal sunburn.​

The antiseptic properties in ACV have been linked to helping alleviate sunburns. Soak a wash rag in ACV and let it sit on the affected area.

19. It can alleviate pain.​

The acetic acid in ACV has been thought to help soothe sore muscles. Massage some into the affected area and let it dry on its own.

20. It can get rid of dandruff.​

Again, the acetic acid in ACV can neutralize the pH balance in your scalp, thus preventing yeast (and dandruff) from growing.

21. It can help you lose weight.​

The acetic acid in ACV is said to speed up metabolism and suppress appetite. Use it as a substitute for condiments and salad dressings.

22. It can clear a stuffed-up nose.​

The potassium in ACV thins mucus, while the anti-bacterial properties prevent bacteria growth. Mix a teaspoon with water and drink.

23. It can cure hiccups.​

Can't get rid of hiccups? Try shooting a teaspoon of ACV. Supposedly, the taste of it will overwhelm the nerves in your throat, curing hiccups.

24. It can soothe a sore throat.​

The bacteria that cause sore throats can't handle the acidity in ACV. Mix a quarter-cup with 2 cups of water and gargle every hour.

25. It can cure leg cramps.​

The potassium in ACV can help increase the low potassium levels that cause leg cramps. Sip on a drink that's 1 tbsp. ACV and 1 cup water.

This, by no means, is an exhausted list of all of the reasons why apple cider vinegar should be used on a daily basis.

There's a whole other category of home living-related uses that we didn't get to cover in this article. Things like:

Using it to create your own all-purpose cleanser.

Using it as a room deodorizer.

Using it as a fertilizer for your garden.

Using it to kill fleas on your pets.

But now it's your turn…

In the comments below, let us know how do you currently use apple cider vinegar? Who knows… if it's good enough, we might just add it to this article!

We look forward to reading your responses!​

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