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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water: You Should Start Drinking It Today.

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You might have many questions in your mind about the well known and probably easily available to all, the coconut water.

You may be thinking:

Is coconut water good for you? If it is then what is coconut water good for or what are the coconut water health benefits

Having such questions in your mind is obvious if you really care your health.​

You would get all your queries resolved regarding this natural drink here.

Now, let's start:​

Coconut water is often referred to as nature's sports drink.

It is not the same as coconut milk or coconut oil, it is actually a form of vitamin-enriched water, provided by the mother nature.

Coconut water is derived from what is known as the endosperm of the coconut plant. Essentially, this is the tissue that provides the nutrition for the seeds in their developing stages.

"Coconut water without additives has about 45 calories for 8 ounces or 240 g and that is less than the average commercial sports drink.

Along with being low in calories, it is a good source of a variety of body essential minerals and vitamins:​ "

** % DV for every 240 g of coconut water


Vitamin C 10%

Thiamin 5%

Riboflavin 8%

Niacin 1%

Vitamin B6 4%

Folate 2%

Pantothenic Acid 1%


Calcium 6%

Iron 4%​

Magnesium 15%​

Phosphorus 5%​

Potassium 17%​

Sodium 11%​

Zinc 2%​

Copper 5%​

Manganese 17%​

Dietary fiber 11% of DV

Source: Nutritiondata​

Here are 12 amazing health benefits of drinking coconut water:

1. Coconut water, nature's weight loss solution

Coconut water is a natural hydrator.

Drinking it will keep your body hydrated, which will speed up your metabolism.

When your body is not properly hydrated, your metabolism slows down. And if the metabolism is compromised your body has a hard time to burn calories.

Coconut water is good for vigorously exercising people in hot conditions because it helps retain the fluids and promotes performance. ​

Coconut water is high in vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), which promotes weight loss by not only increasing your metabolism but also by providing energy, which in turn promotes more exercise.​

Coconut water is a good and natural source of a weight loss aid.

Although it contains calories and sugars, the sugars are in a digestible form, and not the same as other sugared drinks, which have added sugar.​

Coconut water is a good source of potassium, an electrolyte, which boosts up energy.​

2. Coconut water aids in digestion

Coconut water has been used for good digestive health for many years.

It has only recently become popular in western cultures, as people discover the positive benefits of it.

It will not cause the digestive tract to be irritated in any way as many other sports and diet drinks can do.

Coconut water can help with irritable bowel syndrome, by reducing inflammation, and providing nutrients that are properly absorbed by the body. 

It helps seal the lining with the stomach, thus reducing any gastrointestinal issues, and promoting a healthy immune system which originates in the digestive tract.​

3. Coconut water and heart health

Coconut water lowers triglycerides, which can significantly lower your chances of having cardiovascular issues.

The health goodness provided by coconut water does several amazing things, and making good heart health is one of them.​

In a study done with rats, those administered coconut water had lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

In the rats that did have cardiovascular problems, coconut water helped reduce those problems, which could help in reducing a recurring heart attacks.​

4. Coconut water lowers blood pressure

Coconut water is a natural diuretic. It provides a cleaning type effect to the body, helping to flush out excess salts and fat.

In a study, the coconut water has proved to be a good thing to lower blood pressure significantly in hypertensive people.​

Keeping your body hydrated is always a positive step in promoting health, and proper hydration will also help keep your blood pressure under control.

The antioxidants available in the coconut water also work to help maintain healthy blood pressure numbers, and the low content of calories and sugar make a viable solution to other drinks.​

5. Reduce the risk of stroke with coconut water

As already said, maintaining the proper hydration promotes health in general.

The diuretic in coconut water helps reduce the amount of sodium stored in the body, which lowers your risk of stroke and combats high blood pressure.​

​The high content of vitamin B provides energy, which then promotes exercise, a critical step in avoiding strokes and heart attacks.

The natural hydrating properties of coconut water can provide protection against stroke, while adding essential vitamins and nutrients to your body.​

6. It improves brain functioning and relieves from migraines

Dehydration is a major contributor to brain malfunction, and can lead to confusion, and causes migraines.

The combination of hydration, vitamin B, minerals and nutrients, potassium, and electrolytes are all essential in keeping your brain functioning at its top performance, and avoiding those headaches that originate from lack of hydration.​

When medical professionals evaluate patients that are reported confused or not able to concentrate or think properly, the first question they pose is in regards to adequate hydration of the patient.​

7. Coconut water is good for healthy bones

We know the importance of calcium for healthy bones, but it's not always easy to get enough calcium in our diet without adding too many extra calories.

But, the coconut water is a great supplier of calcium, and with 45 calories for an 8 ounce glass, you are confident that the calories you get from the coconut water are good calories and not empty like those you consume in sugared drinks.​

As we age, it is common to experience bone loss.

 But, getting daily sips of coconut water can help keep bones strong and healthy by contributing a good supply of calcium.​

8. Coconut water helps fight depression and anxiety

Coconut water has a pleasant taste, and knowing you are drinking something that is good for you, can promote a healthy feeling and lead to healthier choices, ultimately leading to less stress and anxiety.

The natural content of vitamin B in coconut water can help fend off depression and anxiety.

The hydrating benefits can make your brain and body feel adequately nourished and satisfied, which create an overall sense of well being.​

9. Get better vision with coconut water

We tend to take our vision for granted, however, when something affects our eyes, the importance of our vision becomes all too apparent.

​Your eyes can become dry, which is a painful and a recognized medical condition known as the dry eye syndrome.

Proper hydration can help ease the discomfort of dry eyes. You may be familiar with those annoying eye twitches you get from time to time.

Along with vitamin A & E, vitamin C and minerals like copper and zinc are equally important for a good eyesight. And the coconut water is a proved source of vitamin C, Zn & Cu.​

10. Wounds heal faster with coconut water

With a proper immune system, your wounds will heal faster, however, when your immune system is compromised wounds can linger and risk infections.

Because the coconut water has natural vitamins and minerals it is easily absorbed by the body, and can provide a solid basis for a healthy immune system.

The electrolytes can promote faster healing of the wounds as well, a nourished body is a healthy body.​

11. Reduce inflammation with coconut water

Nature provided compound of vitamins and nutrients in coconut water, reduce inflammation within the skeletal system.

It also works to lubricate the joints which in turn can help with inflammation.

Drinking 2 eight ounce glasses of coconut water a day can help keep arthritis and inflammation under control because it would charge you with good amount riboflavin which has anti-inflammatory properties.​

Side effects of drinking coconut water

There are actually a few side effects of coconut water. Obviously, one is that it does contain calories, some carbohydrates and high in sodium.

Though it has considerably fewer calories than most sugared drinks, consuming large amounts of coconut water could lead to weight gain.

Consume it in moderation, taking the 45 calories for a 1 cup serving in mind.

The positive side effects of drinking coconut water are better overall health, lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, a better digestive system, and weight loss.

Deciding to drink coconut water on a regular basis can be a step in a positive direction for your health. Be sure to purchase actual coconut water, which is different from coconut milk.

Also, make sure there are no additives, coconut water has a pleasant taste without added flavors, so there is no reason to add additional flavors or calories.

Many athletes have replaced those sugary sports drinks with coconut water, and swear by it.

As always, check with your health care provider if you have questions, especially if you are on a restricted diet.

Try replacing two sugared drinks a day with coconut water and feel the health benefits as your body is hydrated and nourished.

According to the latest study, too much drinking of coconut water may do more harm than good because of its high potassium level. Too much of it (potassium) may result in fainting and abnormal heart rhythms.​

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