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The Eight Best Dumbbell workouts for Women

Today, losing your extra weight and building a handsome physique is a dream of every woman.

For this, they must exercise daily to stay healthy and fit.  Therefore, if a girl seriously wants to burn extra fat, build muscles and get the perfect figure, then exercising with dumbbells is a perfect option for her.

There are two types of dumbbells available, adjustable and non-adjustable.

A dumbbell with weights that are adjustable can be just the thing you need.

This is because you have the option to increase or decrease the weights according to your desire.

However, a non-adjustable dumbbell has a fixed weight that can’t be increased or decreased.

Here are the 8 best Dumbbell workouts for women/girls out there that they must try to get rid of extra fat.


The getting rid of fat workout: You have to stand straight and place your left foot on a chair or a bench with one dumbbell in each of your hand. Now you have to step up on the bench while raising your right thigh so that it’s corresponding to the floor. You should also simultaneously curl the dumbbells up towards the shoulders. Repeat after returning to the initial position while switching legs.


You just have to stand straight while bending your knees a little and keeping your legs in a corresponding manner to the chest. Now lift your shoulders upwards while holding the dumbbells. Gradually, get back to the initial position and repeat.


Here is another great exercise for your back muscles. You have to lie down on your belly on the bench and allow the dumbbells to hang from your arms. After that just draw the dumbbells in the direction of your chest.


For you Biceps/Arms, you have to let your arms hang at your sides while grabbing the dumbbells. After that, just lift an arm at a time.


Stand straight while keeping the dumbbells in your hands to your side, after that, raise dumbbell towards your chin after turning over your elbows. Follow the same procedure for the other side. This exercise is for your biceps.


For your triceps, just stand upright, get hold of the weights while keeping your arms extended at your shoulder level and lifting it above your head. Gradually, bend your elbows back downward.


For your legs, clutch the dumbbells to your sides while standing straight and keeping your feel corresponding to the width of your shoulder. While keeping your back flat, bend your knees and come back to the initial position.


For the calves exercise, be seated on a bench while keeping your legs around a foot distance. Allow it to lie on your thighs while holding the dumbbells. Lift up your heels through your toes. Repeat after lowering.

However, there are a lot exercises for workouts at home, but these are eight best dumbbell workouts for women that can be easily done at home without any physical trainer.

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