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5 Perfect Movies to Help With Depression (They Keep You COOL And Motivated)

Depression is a mental illness that affects over 300 million people of all ages including children globally.And it turns to be a serious health condition that leads to even suicide if proper care and treatment are not given.The data also finds that it is more common in women than in men.Also one of the findings […]

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This Is What You Can Learn From These 6 Celebrities Who Have Fought and Found Ways to Get Over Depression( They All Overcome It)

Light! Camera!! Action!!Never been “Celebrity Crazed” but I could imagine what it meant to be the topic of discussion all over the globe.A lot of people always picture stardom as a “get out of jail card” from the pressure of life experienced by “regular” folks.​We seem to juxtapose fame, wealth with peace and happiness.Regular people […]

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