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What I have Learnt After Running Daily for 2 Years

Running is a good exercise because it promotes good health. We all know it. It is a habit we all want to have in our life. But, we don’t practice it. And the reason is, it is a tough exercise. I tried to have this in my life for a long time.I once planned to […]

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126th Day of Running Challenge

A monthly review is very essential for keeping you accountable in achieving your goals. And today, when I reviewed my monthly goal I am disappointed. And the reason is I could not do what I planned to complete by May 2020. I planned to complete lots of things. I broke them down week by week.  But, I […]

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What is Kava? Does it help in anxiety?

Kava was originated from the Western Pacific island and traditionally prepared as tea, kava root, dietary supplement in forms of powder and tincture. Kava extract is medicinal and it possesses a great anxiolytic effect when it comes to treating mental conditions such as tension, anxiety, and states of restlessness of non-psychotic origin. In a research […]

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