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11 Amazing Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses for Good Health

There are a variety of cedarwood essential oil uses for your health.

But, first let us know what is this and why it is good for our health?

Cedarwood essential oil is obtained by extracting pieces of cedar wood through a process called steam distillation. In the end, the oil becomes a concentrated liquid containing a sweet woodsy aroma as if you are out by the campfire. 

The wood symbolizes wisdom and beauty. You may remember seeing this wood commonly in the Bible possibly because of what it symbolizes.

It has a variety of health benefits, a few of these not only help externally but internally as well with the digestive system, and the functions of the circulatory system.

Some common health benefits of the cedarwood essential oil include natural bug repellent, reduced cough, increased focus, stimulation of the metabolism, cleanse of toxins and as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Though essential oil is not essential for your health like vitamins and minerals are they have many health benefits mainly for external part of your body.

Unlike most oils, essential oils do not contain lipids or fatty acids, instead, they are carrier oils, like olive oil. Whether you are out camping, working out, going on a detox, or have a cold this essential oil seems to be a miracle oil. It seems to do just about everything. If you want to find out more about this everything I encourage you to keep reading.

Here Are 11 Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses For Your Health​

1. Cedarwood Essential Oil Is Good for Skin Health

Eczema can be an awful disease especially when it comes to children. This disease isn’t picky and can follow you well into your adulthood. But with cedarwood oil you might not have to fear summer anymore.

Cedarwood oil is effective in treating eczema and ridding of skin cancer since it is an Antiseborrheic.

​Eczema occurs when caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. But with this helpful oil it can reduce the amount of skin peeling, treat the infection keeping your skin looking moist and healthy by reducing redness and inflammation.

2. It Helps Heal Wounds

Essential oils have been used for centuries when it comes to wound care.(1)

Since cedarwood oil is an antiseptic, it prevents wounds from becoming septic and infected. It is also widely used in antiseptic creams.

With its toxin relieving powers, you will find your wound healing nicely without infections or toxins harming the healing time.​

3. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can be rough. It makes everyday activities just that much harder. But with cedarwood essential oil you can rest easy knowing the next day won’t be so hard.

By inhaling the oil, using it externally on the skin, or putting 10 drops of it in your bath the oil will help reduce inflammation and symptoms that can lead to overwhelming spouts of pain and discomfort.​

​One study found that patients with pain, depression, and arthritis were more satisfied with life after using essential oils. They had major effects on decreasing the levels of pain and depression in these arthritis-ridden patients.(2)(3)(4)

4. Helps Control Blood Pressure, Uric Acid, & Obesity

Cedarwood oil works as a tonic for the organ system by stimulating the metabolism, tightening and toning the muscles.

​It boosts functions of the brain and functionality of the liver and kidney.

​When the metabolism is stimulated, it works at an increased speed. Thereby keeping your body tones, and fit.

Since the oil is a diuretic it is a beneficial ailment in your battle against obesity, gout, hypertension, high blood pressure, arthritis, and urinary tract infections.

Being a diuretic means it will increase your frequency to urinate while removing toxins from your body, such as uric acid.​

5. Relieves Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to treat or prevent symptoms of disorders.

Stress is widely known to be eased with lavender, mint, or eucalyptus essential oil. Just like these sweet, refreshing oils, cedarwood isn’t much different in this case.

One study found that cedarwood oil, when inhaled, had sedative, or sleepy-time effects in caffeine-treated Wistar rats.(5)

6. Good for Hair Growth

Image by: Unsplash

It can be disheartening when you start losing your hair. When you age fullness and volume begins to decrease and some have found themselves with alopecia areata which is a condition where sudden hair loss occurs or circular bald patches overlap.(6)

One study found that by using an assortment of essential oils, cedarwood includes, patients began to see a safe and effective treatment occur after seven months of use.(7)

7. Good for Sleep

Days can be long, hectic, and full of restless nights. Using cedarwood oil with aromatherapy helps decrease the hours spent looking up at your ceiling in a long continuous sigh.

​Not only does it help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, it also helps ease stress, tension, as well as soothe and calm the mind by encouraging serotonin and converts into melatonin that is released after smelling the oils of cedarwood.

This neurotransmitter induces restorative sleep leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.​(8)

8. Works as Natural Tick Spray

Camping can be harsh this time of a year when the temperatures are up and the bugs are out, alive as ever.

​With cedarwood essential oil in your backpack, you will be able to enjoy those long days and nights on a hike, or out camping. You can keep it on your skin to prevent any bug bites, sprinkle some on your pillow to rid of any unwanted visitors, or vaporize your tent to prevent any bugs from crawling in while you sleep.

​One study found that the oil aided in preventing beetles such as the pulse beetle and housefly from invading.(9)

9. Helps Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a common, uncomfortable, and embarrassing problem as you age.

​With cedarwood essential oils you will rest easy knowing that your skin will tone and tighten as you sit comfortably rested in your bath while the oil do the things.

​This cultural anxiety brings out the big buck beauty products that supposedly helps keep skin from looking bumpy, unattractive by assassinating this circulation-killing machine.(10)

​Keep that money in your pocket with a few drops of cedarwood oil.

10. Good for Oral Health

Most Americans with our lack of affordable public health and dental care have an issue with their teeth.

The great thing about cedarwood essential oils is that it is an astringent. This means that it cures toothaches, strengthens the gums hold on teeth, and protects them from falling out.

​With the added effect of preventing and curing infections, you may be able to resist the hold, gingivitis has on your gums with this amazing oil.

11. Relieves Migraine Pain

Most migraines tend to be stress or tension related and since cedarwood oil helps relieve inflammation, is a natural sedative, and has been found to aid in pain decrease, it may come as no surprise that migraines can also be relieved with this essential oil.(11)

Precautions and Advice

Be aware that essential oils are natural but not always safe. If that was the case we could get mushrooms off the land in our own backyard. It is suggested that you may want to dilute any oils that you use to prevent a chance of skin irritations.


As you can see cedarwood oil has a cornucopia of health benefits. It can help relieve your tension, cough, pain from arthritis or migraines, heals wounds, and even give rest-filled night.

Is not it good to try this? Please leave your thoughts.

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