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12 Surprising Ways Dandelion Root Tea Gives You Good Health

Ah, tea; the world’s most popular beverage.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been infusing together liquids and flora to create brews for any occasion, from medicinal to traditional affairs, ceremonies, and social settings.

Tea is everywhere! One such tea is made of the dandelion root, the most nutritious parts of the wrongly-named weed.

Dandelions as medicine first appeared in history around the 10th century in a record from the notes of Arabian physicians.

Dandelions are thought to have been named for the leaves, which have the appearance of lion’s teeth to some.

The tea itself is a simple way to put your life on pause and relax into an aromatic, health-nourishing, comforting and warming routine.

To try dandelion tea at home, mix two teaspoons of the root or one teaspoon of the dried leaves with a cup of water and let soak overnight. Strain and serve. (1,2)

Enjoy one to two cups a day for the optimal benefit! While the flower may present a problem to allergy sufferers, the cheery dandelion shouldn’t be underestimated!​

​Here are 12 ways dandelion root tea can boost your health and overall well-being.

1. Good for Weight Loss​

Along with a balanced diet, dandelion root tea can help you lose weight in a few different ways.

First, drinking bitter herbs in tea such as dandelion root stimulates your gastric processes and promotes the more efficient breakdown of fat and cholesterol.

It may also counteract the impact that a less-than-great diet can have on the body.

Drinking herbal teas such as dandelion root is also a great way to nourish your body and curb cravings for less healthy, more sugary drinks.(3)

2. Improves Heart Health

Everyone, especially Americans, could use a little help taking care of their heart.

As we age, factors such as diet and genetics begin to play a larger role in our health.

If you are experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure or cardiovascular stress, or if you would like to prevent factors which may cause problems to arise, arm yourself with the lowly dandelion root!

Taken regularly, dandelion root tea has been shown to combat oxidative stress on the veins and arteries which can lead to blockages in the pathways which can lead to heart and liver disease.(4)

It also reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol while increasing the body’s ‘good’ cholesterol.

3. Promotes Healthy Hair

Image: Unsplash

We spend millions on hair care products designed to put our hair in tip-top shape.

But did you know that your hair health starts inside?​

The strongest, most nourished head of hair is fortified with proper nutrition.

Stress and poor diet can both lead to excess sebum being produced on the scalp, which in turn blocks or hinders the growth of new follicles. 

Because of its cleansing and balancing effect on the liver, dandelion root tea may indirectly promote your body’s health to keep your strands growing strong and shiny!(5)

4. Promotes digestive health

Dandelion has long been used in to treat digestive upset which may show up in the form of indigestion, flatulence, poor appetite, and constipation, among other things.

The next time you are experiencing some digestive discomfort, especially due to overeating or consumption of irritating foods, try out the dandelion root tea.

It’s anti-inflammatory and tonic effects on the organs are well-recognized, especially among Chinese, Mexican and Native American cultures.

Try this: mix one teaspoon of the root with a half teaspoon each of licorice root and ginger root and steep in boiled water for 10 minutes.

Drinking one to two cups post-night out and once a day for a week thereafter will help your body to rebuild strength and recover from the joys of a hangover.

5. It is Diuretic

Having trouble when you need to ‘go’?

Dandelion root tea is probably most well-known for its diuretic properties.

A study showed that one dose of high-quality dandelion root extract resulted in an increased production of urine in every single subject who participated.(6)

It is also high in potassium. This is important because some diuretics may cause the body to accidentally flush out excessive amounts of potassium.

Using dandelion root tea as a diuretic can increase your urine production while preventing against deficiency of this very important mineral!​

6. Rich in Antioxidants

Let’s be honest: in this day and age, everyone has heard the word ‘detox’ at least once.

But what does it actually mean? Certain factors, especially food and environmental, can lead to the presence of free radicals in the body.

Once inside, they do their best to wreak havoc.

Antioxidants are a great line of defense against free radicals, destroying them from the inside while promoting a calm environment for your body to repair and grow.

Along with potassium, dandelion root tea is a powerful storehouse for quercetin, luteolin, polysaccharides, and a number of other free radical-fighting agents.(7)(8)

7. Relieves Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from aches and pains in the body due to rheumatoid arthritis: You need dandelion root tea! Along with peppermint, nettle, birch leaf and horsetail herb, it's outstanding anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties are a wonderful addition to your healthcare routine.

These herbs have been shown to increase the body’s levels of kynurenic acid, which is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and relieve some of the pain associated with rheumatism, as well as preventing future rheumatic disease.(9,10)

8. Good for Bone Health

As you age, it is a good idea to stay tuned into what’s going on with your skeletal system.

Disease, stress and simply getting on in years can all lead to weaknesses in the bones.

Improper bone health can cause stress along with a number of unpleasant adverse effects, so take care!

Let’s pause on dandelion root tea and talk about the greens, which are high in vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, and numerous other vitamins and minerals that are crucial to helping your body build strongly fortified bones.

Not sure how to work dandelion greens in your diet? Try them in your next salad!​

9. Aids in Balancing Blood Glucose Levels

The level of glucose in your blood plays a very important role in your overall health, especially if you have to contend with diabetes.

And dandelion has been used as a herb for long time treating diabetes and related disorders.(11)

It may also offset the effects of oxidative stress which puts the body at risk for diabetes.​

10. Good for Nervous System

As we discussed in the beginning of the article, having a tea therapy routine is an easy way to relax and promote well-being in your body, and the higher the quality of the tea, the greater the benefit.

Mixed with other well-known calming herbs such as chamomile and passionflower, dandelion root tea is an optimal beverage for detoxifying hydrogen peroxide in the brain and promoting healthy nervous system function.(12,13,14)

11. Anxiety and Depression Relief

Image: Unsplash

While many people suffer from mood imbalance because of genetics and environment, there is a growing interest in food therapy as a remedy for non-clinical anxiety and depression.

Dandelion root tea, at one time, thought to have the highest nutritious offering of any other tea, can promote calm and well-being simply by providing your body with a much-needed mineral boost.​

12. Good for Skin Health

Image: Unsplash

Both the leaves and the root of the dandelion are used as a natural skin toner. Along with detoxifying key regions on the body, dandelion can stimulate circulation and healthy bile production, all of which lead to radiant, glowing skin!

As mentioned before, healthy skin and nails come from a nutrient-rich environment.

Drinking dandelion tea will help your body to rid itself of harmful components and increase the health of your liver.


Now that you know how dandelion root tea can add vibrancy to your health, let’s cover a few things that you need to be aware of.

Drinking too much may lead to excessive urine production, which can deplete the body of the essentials needed for healthy functioning.

Always consult your doctor before taking up the dandelion root challenge, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

And of course, if you suffer from a ragweed allergy, take it easy!

Everyone is different, and you may still be able to enjoy the benefits – just don’t drink a cup to find out!

Remember that wherever you get your dandelion root tea, it is very important to find the highest quality with as few impurities as possible.

While harvesting your own tea fresh from the field can be highly rewarding, make sure that the area you are collecting from is free of pesticides and other harmful chemical residues.

If you purchase from a store, do your research and make sure that it is quality, medical-grade tea. Once you have those bases covered, you’re ready to give your body a boost with the help of the mighty dandelion root tea!​

Don't forget to share your thoughts about the dandelion root tea or any other tea in the comments.​

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