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Day 112th of 1000 Days Running Challenge.

I am very lazy. I have been so lazy that I can procrastinate anything until I think I am truly ready to do it. My alarm snoozes tens of times before I wake up.

I have procrastinated for a decade. I lost many opportunities. I wept sometimes. I cursed myself because I did not get something I needed desperately. I blamed others for my misfortune.

But, now I have realized that it was all my mistakes. I am changed now.

I have a different perspective on life than I was having a couple of years ago. Now, I take full responsibility for anything I do. I feel better and productive now. Anyone can change if they change their perspective. Nothing is bad or good it is our perspective about things. 

Challenge: It was the 112th day of my running challenge and today I ran a total of 3.21 kilometers.

Details for 1-111th Day Running.

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