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20 health benefits of Green tea

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What is Green tea?

Green tea is a great drink for many who are health conscious. This green liquid is filled up with amino acids, dietary minerals, lipids, enzymes, antioxidants and many others that may have the direct or indirect impact on your health.

It is obtained from the leaves of the species of the plant that is called Camellia Sinensis. Because it is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, it has been used as a raw material for many dietary supplements, beverages as well as cosmetic items.

Following is a list of top 20 health benefits of this wonderful green drink that you must know.

1. Green tea is effective in lowering bad cholesterol and improving blood flow.

Green tea has been proved to be one of the best natural remedies for heart diseases because it has natural antioxidants catechins and flavonoids.(1)

These antioxidants are responsible for increasing good cholesterol (HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein) and stopping the oxidation of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol in the blood.

According to a research done by Dr. Jeong Kim, 3 to 4 cups consumption of this green liquid can improve the blood flow in your body because it would increase the production of nitric acid that promotes Vasodilation.(2)

Vasodilation is a process that widens the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in your body.

2. A great supplement for Weight loss​.

Green tea has EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine which are key elements in boosting metabolism.

Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis (the process of generating energy as well as heat by digesting the food). It also reduces your appetite. However, its consumption must be limited to 400mg or less for a healthy adult. However, there is no proof that it can actually help in weight loss if consumed for a longer period of time.

  • Caffeine if taken above 400 mg may cause insomnia, nervousness, high blood pressure and other problems.

EGCG is one of the predominant bioactive polyphenolic compounds found in the green tea and the main activator for fat burning and stimulated metabolic rate because it stimulates the liver working efficiently.

3. Protects from cancer

EGCG, an important catechin available in green tea, is a powerful antioxidant which prevents oxidative damage of healthy cells. It has anti-carcinogenic properties because it is an anti-tumor agent and promotes the growth of healthy cells.

4. Helps to fight diabetes

It is good for people suffering from diabetes because the main concern for a diabetic is to metabolize the sugar. And, polyphenols in green tea regulates the glucose and controls the blood sugar.

According to researchers, it has been found that if someone consumes at least six cups of green tea in a week he is less likely to be a diabetic in future 

5. Protects from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Around one million people of US are suffering from PD and approx. 5 million from Alzheimer’s. These both medical conditions have a large impact on US economy. 

However, the green tea may have some relief for those suffering from these two chronic medical conditions. The antioxidants of the tea protect neurons from degeneration that helps in curing Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by beta-amyloid plaques which are developed in the brain.

And EGCG of the tea prevents the formation of beta-amyloid plaques that help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

6. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure develops many critical medical conditions that threaten life. However, green tea helps in lowering blood pressure.

In a meta-analysis of thirteen trials and 1367 subjects, it has been found that green tea significantly reduces systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure.(3)

7. Protects your skin

It protects your skin from tanning, sunburn, premature aging, and cancer because it is a rich source of antioxidants that destroy effects of free radicals which are formed when your skin comes under ultraviolet rays of the sun.  

The antioxidants of the tea minimize the effect of enzymes that are responsible for skin cancer.

8. Reduces risk of stroke

In a study, it is found that people who consume about six ounces (or 4 cups) of green tea regularly are twenty to thirty percentages less likely to have a stroke than those who do not consume.

9. Prevents food poisoning

However, food poisoning is not a life threatening condition but it may be responsible for vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and cramps that may affect your life for a few days.

And, this green liquid has enough to relieve with such situation because of antioxidants that have anti-microbial properties.

10. Promotes anti-viral effect

EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate has been a key element to promote anti-viral, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties of the tea. It is responsible for modifying antibiotic sensitivity that minimizes the virulence of bacteria.

11. Boost immune system

If you have never been diagnosed for an autoimmune condition (Th2 dominance) then green tea can be added to your daily diet to boost your immune system.

12. Fights from allergies

In a research, it is found that green tea blocks and rectifies key elements that promote allergic response.

13. Prevents teeth decay

It is also helpful in improving your teeth condition because it is antibacterial and deactivate growth of bacteria in your teeth.

14. Helps to Detox

It is a natural diet to cleanse your body and improves diuretic properties.

15. Helps to fight breast cancer

In researches, it has been found that women who consume it regularly are less prone to breast cancer than those women who take it occasionally.​(4)

16. Increases bone density

According to this study, the bioactive components of green tea help in mitigating risks of bone loss due to decrease in bone density.(5)

Regular consumption of green tea can improve your bone’s health by decreasing chances of bone fracture and increasing the material density of your bone.

17. Relieves from Rheumatoid arthritis

According to CDC, around 52.5 million people of the United States have some types of arthritis and it is estimated that by 2030 approx. sixty-seven million people above 18 years of age would be diagnosed for some type of arthritis.

Therefore, it becomes a serious health condition that should be taken care early.

With EGCG, an anti-inflammatory compound, the green tea can help to reduce inflammation in joints. It's antioxidants deactivate free radicals that are responsible for inflammatory diseases.

18. Improves cardiovascular health

Because it lowers bad cholesterol or LDL that is the main cause of coronary diseases. It improves your cardiovascular health.

19. Aids in digestion

It is a good digestive compound that improves your digestive disorders and minimizes the effect of intestinal gasses.

20. Boosts your brain

EGCG improves the working power of your brain. It also alleviates anxiety and refreshes your mood.

What are the side effects of green tea?

Above health benefits of green tea suggest that it is really a wonder drink that should not be missed by anyone who believes living healthy naturally.

But, it has caffeine that is not considered to be good for your health if consumed in a large amount.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you have to limit your caffeine intake to 200 mg or 2 cups of green tea a day. Any amount above 200 mg may have the negative impact.

Also, if you have any of liver disease, heart problem, high blood pressure, anxiety disorder, anemia or glaucoma you have to avoid excess consumption. 

Are there any supplements available of green tea?

The key extract of green tea is EGCG, a catechin that is a powerful antioxidant and it is available in powder as well as in capsules. You have to get the supplement that has enough EGCG but in recommended quantities. For an average adult, the recommended quantity of EGCG is 400 to 750 mg.

Following supplements can be considered.

1.  NOW Foods EGCG, Green Tea Extract

2.  Matcha Green Tea Powder – ORGANIC

3. Life Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract


Green tea is a popular beverage with many health benefits because of two main constituents EGCG and L- theanine. However, the origin of various tea types e.g. black tea, oolong tea as well as white tea is Camilla Sinesis but Green tea has the highest amount of powerful compounds (Polyphenols & Antioxidants) that improves your overall health condition because it is processed from unfermented leaves of tea.

** The article is presented after finding facts and data from various published resources and Websites. The article is not written by a medical expert.









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