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Don’t Give Up Just One More Stroke: How I Battled Diabetes And Won. (A Real-Life Inspirational Story)

Why me? Why me?

These words continued to escape my lips softly as I watched my friend and colleague Billy lowered into mother earth.

I couldn’t imagine what his beautiful wife Nancy would be going through the moment. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as I watched his wife cry her heart out.

Maybe it’s time I tell my story of how I encountered death and gave it a stare.

Let me tell you my story!

Hello, Mr. Tim, your test results are ready concerning your diabetes case. That was the voice of Dr. Nathan, my family doctor for 15 years and childhood friend.

I had gone to see Dr. Nat as I fondly called him after I started experiencing an unusual weight loss and serious fatigue.

I had just signed a new sports contract with the team running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. I never thought it would be anything serious except maybe the normal recommendation of bed rest and few shots of injection.

My wife held my hands with her as we waited for Dr. Nat’s revelations.

I could notice the look on his face and deep down I felt all was not well.Tim! Tim! We have been friends since childhood and I will try to be sincere with you. I am sorry to say this but you have a severe case of diabetes.You have just 2 years left to be with your family.

The moment he said that I felt like a clock ticked within me, I felt my hands weak and cold. Although I was seated in an air-conditioned room, I could still feel the heat.

The only voice I could hear was the voice of my wife crying bitterly while Dr. Nat tried to calm her down.

Doctor! Doctor! What can be done to get me out of all this? I and my wife asked simultaneously.

I had always known Dr. Nat to have a solution to every medical issue.

But the look on his face I already knew the answer to our question.

Mr. & Mrs. Tim, well I wish there was a cure but at the moment there is none available unless you are ready to wait for the next phase of research.

We can only manage it by injecting you with shots of insulin while you play your own part by exercising, eating good food and fruits.

I felt the world was already crumbling and I was at the center of it all.

As I stepped out of St. Maryland Medical Center, I couldn’t fathom who I was before the announcement. My entire world was dark and my thoughts empty.

I managed to get into the car while my wife drove. I never believed just one illness could change my view and perception of life within a minute.

The next week, I took the drugs prescribed and went to my office trying to cheer myself all day but the thought of; “you have just two years left” brought me back to my sorry state.

I was just getting done for the day when I received a mail from the operations manager asking me to see him in the office immediately.

I quickly rounded up my stuff and headed out to meet up with him in his office. As I stepped into the office of Mr. Bick, he ushered me in with his fingers pointing to the settee in his office.

I sat down while I waited for him to finish with who he was talking with on the phone.When Mr. Bick dropped the call, he quickly pulled a chair closer to where I sat as he offered me a letter.

With the ‘go ahead’ sign in his eyes, I tore the letter open. As I read through the letter, I began to lose myself. I wondered what I had done to get fired and my multi-million dollar sports contract terminated.

I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up to leave but the next place I saw myself was in the hospital bed surrounded by nurses and my wife.

I spent two days in the hospital before being allowed to leave after series of drug intake and shots of injection.

As I got home that evening, I knew something changes within me. I began to feel cheated and from that day forward I turned into a beast ready to unleash my frustration on anyone.

I felt the God, my wife, and every happy person in the world was the cause of my predicament. I turned to alcohol as my succor and made my wife’s face my exercise ground always trying to unleash my anger and frustration on her.

6 months down the line, I woke one morning after I had turned my wife to boxing match opponent. I held in my hands a rope as I hurriedly walked out of the room.

I was going to end it all I muttered as I drove into an abandoned complex.

As I walked into one of the abandoned building, I saw an inscription on the wall, “it’s not over until you surrender, keep fighting”.

These words resounded in my head over and over again as if I just learned the alphabets. I quickly retraced my steps tears flowing down my cheeks as I hurried home.

As I rushed into my house, all I could think of was to make peace with my darling wife. I was prepared to fight it. I apologized to my wife who saw the changes in my eyes.

We decided to put hands together to fight this battle and win.

I began to take my medication every day and attend all medical sessions with Dr. Nat. I took up a job at the local center where I motivate young boys to be better.

I joined the ‘Get Fit, Get Healthy’ exercise squad and together we went jogging and exercising morning and evening.

With the assistance of my wife, we wrote an inscription on the walls of my room which read, “Don’t give up, just one more stroke you will get there”.

I started to work on my diet by eating good meals and read positive books to keep my mind healthy.

I prayed regularly for a miracle and always talked to my psychologist.

Ten years later, I visited Dr. Nat when I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Nathan in the UK and the first thing he said when he saw me was, Tim, I can’t believe you still here my friend looking healthy and fit.

I also couldn’t believe I would still be on earth and also healthy.

I smiled and replied, I guess I have a long time to spend on earth.

Never you let your health status make you lose your life or make you isolated from your family.

You need them more than ever.

A positive mind, good diet, paying attention to medical advice, and prayers are keys to conquering whatever health challenge you are facing.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy.​

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I have been using cod liver oil for ages and it has helped in erasing all my spots

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