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How This Man Lost 310 Pounds of Weight and Become Healthy and Smarter Now: Things That Work In Weight Loss

How to lose weight!
How to lose weight the easiest way!
These are phrases that have been a buzzword in modern media.

This is true. Obesity and being overweight not only make one’s life difficult and frustrating but also they become key risk factors for many diseases which reduce one’s lifespan.

You may be shocked if you look at the latest data on obesity and overweight by the World Health Organization.
The 2016 report by WHO states that globally 1900 million adults were overweight and out of them more than 650 million were obese.

But, The below news may be inspiring and motivating for them.

Losing weight is possible with dedication and hard work.
And you can do that if you believe in you and ready to work until you see the results you deserve.

Here is a real-life story of Karl Burr who lost 310 pounds from 589 pounds.
Let us discuss what challenges he faced during his weight loss journey and how he overcame them.

Image Credit: Today/Karl Burr

How Did He Get So Much Of Weight?

With 6 feet height and 440 pounds of weight Karl Burr was many miles away to come into a healthy weight zone.
And his genetic motor tics medications made the conditions worse adding 149 pounds of extra weight.

Living with 589 pounds of weight and motor tics was enormously difficult for Karl Burr.

What Were His Key Challenges?

He could live a healthy life if he could put down his enormous weight.

It would minimize chances of developing serious diseases as well as helping him living his daily life more comfortably and confidently.

He tried his best and gone through gastric sleeve surgery in 2011 which reduced 100 pounds. But, the end result was not so pleasing because he regained 75 pounds.

How Did He Achieve This?

He did not quit and started again his weight loss journey with more confidence and dedication.
He fixed his goal to achieve a weight of 250 pounds from 589 pounds.
To get all this work for him, he started taking smaller portions to control his hunger and ingesting of excess calories.
This helped him put down 75 pounds in six months he regained post the surgery.
He joined a nearby boxing club to reach his goal of 250 pounds.

However, Initial days were not so enticing and achieving but he kept on going rather than quitting.

Workouts, consistency, and never give up attitude started showing results and Karl directly felt it in his weight.

He started losing 20-30 pounds in a month that boosted his confidence.

Now Karl Burr weighs 279 pounds and near his goal, yeah he lost 310 pounds.

His achievement is unbelievable but true.

Image Credit: Today/Karl Burr

What Can You Learn From This Real Weight Loss Inspirational Story?

1. You can lose weight if you’re determined and ready to push hard your body.
2. Control your portion sizes: They may help you control your calories intake.
3. Never give up whatever circumstances come in your way.
4. Be consistent: Maybe you don’t see any positive outcome of your workouts or weight loss efforts in a few trials. Give them some time to appear.
5. Be motivated even if you’re on medications and get useful advice from people who know your status.
6. Set small goals: They are easily achievable and keep you going with confidence.

How is your weight loss journey going on?
Have you ever tried anything that you want to share with people like you?
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