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Interview with Dr. Lisa R. Young

Losing weight and getting the body you deserve is everybody’s goal. However, most of the people hardly achieve this and blame for the diets and supplements they take.

They are also victims of wrong and incomplete information they follow to gain healthy weight. Then they come to know a weight loss guru or any miracle supplement that boast of doing everything for them. All these things become so enticing and luring that they join that guru or start taking the supplement.

At last, they know the reality and end-up with nothing.

Sometimes these courses make them more anxious and depressed when they see no result and that create more mental problems which cause more harm to their overall health.

Obesity is really a medical condition that needs to be taken seriously because it promotes or develops many other health conditions that destroy our health.

According to JAMA, in United States 78.6 million adults and 12.7 million of youths are obese.

Obesity status of Children and Adults in Canada is also astonishing:

Obesity Data of 2013 for Youths and Infants

42 million In 2013

Obesity Data by 2025 for Youths and Infants (Expected)

70 million By 2025

According to Canadian Obesity Network, one in every four adults is an obese. 

In a simple instance, having a healthy weight only relates to balancing your calories intake. If your input calories are larger than you burn, you are more likely to be an overweight or an obese.

Today, we contacted to Dr. Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D., CDN, and one of the well-known personalities in the field of weight loss and healthy living. She is an adjunct professor of Nutrition at New York University and the author of The Portion Teller Plan.

She is a regular contributor for health and fitness at Huffington post and has been featured at various publications and TV shows including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Fitness, CNN, CBS News, Today etc.

From her busy schedule, she spared time to answer some prominent questions that’d help many people in getting a healthy weight. Here are the answers in her own words that would motivate and help many to get rid of fad diet plans and maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.

1. Why do people generally become obese?

They eat too much--especially large portions of high-calorie foods--and do not regularly do exercise to burn the extra calories. Over the long term, these extra calories accumulate as fat in our body and we become obese.

2. Which is the most important factor that lead to obesity i.e. lack of exercise, sugar, carb or food portions?

All above things are responsible for gaining unhealthy weight.However, based on my research and counseling experience, I think it is because food portions are too big.

Large portions encourage us to overeat.

3. What is the main cause of childhood obesity?

Overeating the wrong foods and participating in too little physical activities.

4. Do regular exercises control excess weight gain? How much time should one give for exercise to avoid any excess weight gain?

Regular exercise is important and can help balance excessive food consumption. It would be important to exercise at least several days per week for at least a month to see the positive results.

However to maintain a healthy weight or lose excess weight, there is no justified time limit given for regular exercise because it may vary from individual to individual.

But, giving 30 minutes of your day for a moderate-intense exercise regularly is possible for most of the individuals without breaking their daily routines.

Doing regular physical activity not only maintains your healthy weight but it also helps to:

  • Control your blood pressure from rising.
  • Reduces symptoms of arthritis, depression, anxiety, heart attack, stroke and several types of cancers.

5. What is actually portion teller plan? And why it is good for the person to have a healthy weight? Please elaborate.

My book, The Portion Teller Plan, educates readers on all things portion related like why large portions matter and what to do about them.

Most of the people never care how much they are eating, and how this would impact their daily calories requirement.

I teach readers how to "SMARTSIZE" their portions at home and while eating out so that they can lose weight and keep it off.

6. If a person has BMI of 29, does the portion teller plan help him to achieve a healthy weight? Also in how much time?

Absolutely!! It can help. It is hard to tell how long it may take but if you follow my plan, you WILL see results in a few weeks.

The thing is you first give it a try and follow it as said.There are many people who have benefited from my program.

You need to be disciplined and determined to see the results you want to achieve.

7. How should a person start his/her day if he/she has an excess weight and want to achieve the healthy weight in 12 to 14 weeks?

Eat a healthy breakfast. Watch your portion and include some protein--yogurt or eggs, for example.

Be sure to also exercise regularly and eat more fruits and vegetables. We have already discussed the benefits of regular exercise in maintaining your weight.

But, fruits and vegetables are low in calories and they are the best replacement for junk foods when you feel hungry. You can also include them along with your meal to feel fuller without consuming more high calories foods.

However, you should watch your portions of several fruits including avocados, coconut, dried fruits, and some canned fruits due to following reasons:

  • Avocados- This is a high-fat fruit. Also, even 1-ounce servings have 47 calories and if you eat half of the fruit you’re consuming 141 calories.
  • Coconut- Avoid large portions if you’re seriously thinking to lose your extra fat. As per USDA, one cup of this fruit has 466 calories and 33 grams of fat.
  • Dried Fruits: These are fruits that have been dehydrated and are often infused with sweeteners which contributes extra sugar, and calories. They are lower in volume than a fresh fruit due to the removal of water content, but they have equal calories and more sugar. So you may be eating more of them which will add more calories and sugar to your body.
  • Canned fruits often have added sugar and salt which may hinder your weight loss efforts. Hence, it is important to check labels before purchasing.

8. If someone has gained weight due to some medications, does The Portion Teller Plan help him?

Yes, it does. The key is be determined and get started! Even in some medications regular exercise is recommended.

9. In how much time can a person achieve a healthy weight if he is an obese, but follows The Portion Teller Plan? How much weight do you think one can lose in following any weight loss plan?

It is hard to tell how long it takes to lose weight but you should see results within a month if you follow it seriously and are consisten

Consistency is as important as the plan itself because if you don’t do it religiously or-- you postpone it-- you may hardly see any meaningful results.

10. Do you want to leave any message for obese people who are seeking for help but always misguided by fad diet plans?

Do not follow fad diets. They don't work in long term and sometimes do more harm than good.

Make a few lifestyle changes you can sustain, limit oversize portions, and eat more fruits and veggies! And, believe that YOU can do it! Think thin!

Thanks Lisa for sparing your time and guiding the readers. 

May be you’re a victim of another fad diet plans or takings supplements which are not adding anything meaningful to your weight loss efforts.

If you have anything that you need to ask or share you can leave for us in the comments.

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