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What is Kava? Does it help in anxiety?

Kava was originated from the Western Pacific island and traditionally prepared as tea, kava root, dietary supplement in forms of powder and tincture.

Kava extract is medicinal and it possesses a great anxiolytic effect when it comes to treating mental conditions such as tension, anxiety, and states of restlessness of non-psychotic origin.

In a research recently conducted by a team of scientists from the United States and Denmark related to kava, more than 85 studies were analyzed in a quest to find a comprehensive definition of kava toxicity but up to date, little information is known concerning the same.

But the effectiveness of kava in treating anxiety has been affirmed severally from the countless clinical trials that have been done.

Kava and anxiety: what is the connection?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder refers to a chronic condition that leads to adversely high levels of psychological stress.
The efficacy of Kava in treating anxiety conditions has been affirmed via clinical attempts and meta-analysis.

Natives in the Kava growing areas have used to brew drinks for special ceremonies. So in terms of its health benefit and the connection between Kava and anxiety is that it gives a pleasantly relaxing and calming effect on the users.

What are the benefits of kava when used for anxiety?

Kava has on frequent occasions been termed as a natural Valium and possesses a great anxiolytic activity.

It has all the benefits of natural anti-anxiety medication but without mild side effects and that is what makes it so admirable & the fact that it can also be taken in the form of tea and other recreational drinks.

However, one should take care not to overdose as excessive consumption of kava may not lead to an addiction but will have adverse effects on the liver.

Credible studies and research have shown that kava can be used as an anti-depressant without having the adverse side effects that are associated with benzodiazepines.

Aside from anxiety, kava is effective in the treatment of other disorders such as ADHD which in a way are similar to anxiety disorders.
Kava is effective in contributing to the overall mental well-being. It reduces stress and increases cheer fullness as well as improving sleep quality all this with no side effects associated with the use of normal FDA-approved anti-depressant and sleep medication.

Previous studies have shown that Kava contains phytonutrients called kavalactones.

Because of their ability to bind onto brain receptors and neural paths associated with drug addiction it has been seen as effective and powerful in treating an addiction associated with drugs ranging from tobacco to alcohol and even heroin and giving an improving quality of life and general well-being.

What are the side effects of kava??

In as much as Kava has been largely safe and known to lack adverse side effects, it has in several occasions been linked to liver damage (though this is not fully comprehensive as the results are inconclusive).

This is linked to the preparation and the state in which the medication was prepared.

Another side effect is liver damage and flaky dry skin. In rare occasions, it has led to the malnutrition and severe weight loss when used uncontrollably.
This is a deviation from the norm since for a natural medication its side effects are minimal if ever and in case one should start experiencing such they ought to seek medical intervention and treatment.

Additionally, Kava has been greatly discouraged from treating people with Parkinson’s disease because it aggravates the symptoms of the disease.

It is advised to be taken with caution by pregnant women and lactating mothers as it may spike and alter the oestrogen levels.

How can one take Kava for anxiety?

The advantage of using kava is that there are countless ways in which one can consume it, depending on the prescription to avoid over -usage, all the methods are largely harmless unless otherwise stated.

Tea has been popular though not the most recommended with kava since the hot temperature associated with making tea has led to the destruction of some of the best phytochemicals of the herb.

However, one can take kava in form of capsules. This is a more common way of taking the prescribed medication and helps with coming up with a schedule and its intake is limited.

Kava is known to give a relaxing euphoric effect when taken as a drink and just for caution one is advised to refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery shortly after taking this anxiolytic herb. 

Our take on Kava

I would gladly recommend kava though with caution. It is an effective drug and cure for anxiety. It comes with a relaxing effect and it is a natural Valium. However, the pieces of research show that poor quality of kava raw materials are the main cause of toxicity.


In the final analysis, the benefits of kava far outweigh its side effects and the mere fact that it is all natural gives it great credibility. It is a wonder drug and its use should be promoted.

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