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Is It Magnesium Deficiency That Causes Your Leg Cramps?

Leg cramps is a condition when your leg muscles are not relaxed due to tightening or contracting. The condition is harmless and usually does not require any treatment. It comes and goes away in a few seconds or in minutes.

The muscle cramps may occur at any part of your body but cramps in feet and legs are common. It can turn to be a painful condition which restricts free movements of your body.
Let us find out here causes and cures for leg cramps.

What causes muscle cramps of legs?

You may experience cramps in your leg muscles without any known reasons.

But, few factors which may induce muscle cramps in your legs are:
Electrolyte imbalances: Low levels of potassium, magnesium, sodium or calcium
Nutrient deficiency
Excess weight
Drugs: like cholesterol-reducing drugs (statins and nicotinic acid) and diuretics
Alcohol abuse
Liver disease
Strenuous exercise
Blood toxins materials like lead and mercury
And disorders which affect your blood vessels, nerves, and muscles like being diabetic, hypertension, thyroid disorders, dehydration, and narrowing of arteries.
Age-related issues which affect muscles adversely.

Is magnesium deficiency a cause for leg cramps?

No doubt magnesium deficiency can negatively affect our body. It is an important mineral for varieties of functions in our body. So being a magnesium deficient is no good news for anyone.
However, it just does not end here. Magnesium acts as an electrolyte in our body. And electrolyte imbalances is one of the risk factors for developing leg cramps and changing blood chemistry.

So if you see frequent leg cramps you need to act and find if you’re electrolyte/salt balance is compromised.

Studies also correlate magnesium deficiency and muscle cramps. These studies prove the fact.(1,2)

What could be the best way to get rid of leg cramps?

As it is earlier said, the sudden stretching of your muscles can be anything to nothing. Risk factors are also addressed above that may cause leg cramps.
You may have leg cramps for a moment that goes away next moment. But, if it does not go away you can try following things to alleviate leg cramps.

The best remedy or cure for leg cramps could be massaging or stretching of your leg muscles for instant relief. You could also take rest if you think you should.
You need to immediately contact an experienced healthcare professional if you’re pain stays longer than 10 minutes, disturb your sleep and you feel numbness or swelling in your legs.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about leg cramps.


Can low potassium cause leg cramps?

Potassium is an electrolyte. Electrolytes are responsible for the good health of your body. They improve muscle actions and controls blood chemistry of your body. So, potassium deficiency may cause leg cramps.

Can dehydration cause leg cramps?

When you’re dehydrated your body is starving for water it needs. You should drink enough water every day to keep you hydrated and your electrolyte level balanced. An unbalanced electrolyte level may cause uneven muscle contractions leading to cramps.

Have you ever experienced leg cramps? What is your experience?

Did you try anything which relieved your pain?
Please don’t forget to share your thoughts.
Maybe you know something which could turn to be the best treatment for leg cramps.





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