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Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds Product Review

Do you need a supplement that has proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants all in one?

Here is the end of your search.

Protein is an important constituent of each cell of our body and repairs damaged tissues.

Antioxidants are important to our health and protect our body from harmful effects of free radicals.

Fiber or dietary soluble/insoluble fiber controls blood sugar, maintains healthy blood pressure, bowel health, and control your cholesterol levels.

The fiber content also improves digestive disorders and strengthens your digestive system.

Omega-3 fatty acids relieve from arthritis pain, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and improve brain chemistry that improves mental performance.

Chia seeds keep us hydrated for a longer period of time due to their water absorption properties.

And all these key constituents of a healthy diet are available in chia seeds.

What is in Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds Black?

Nutiva is a well-known brand with an established image in providing hemp protein & seed oil, coconut oil as well as chia seeds.

The organic chia seeds black by Nutiva has the higher amount of following key elements that are good for our health.


These are chemical compounds that are primarily found in foods rich in dietary fiber. Lignans are potential antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-carcinogenic properties.

Soluble dietary fiber

Dietary fibers are essential for our body and recommended intake for a healthy adult is 25 to 35 grams/day.

However, there is no specific guideline on the intake of any of soluble or insoluble fiber.

An ounce of chia seeds contains 10 gram of dietary fiber that suggests that two and half ounces (approx. 71 gram) of chia seeds can fulfill your daily recommended intake of dietary fiber.

Omega 3 fatty acids

They are rich in good fat (polyunsaturated fat) that is a good nutrition for our health. An ounce of chia seeds contains around 9 grams of total fat and in that 9 grams, 7 grams (78%) are polyunsaturated fat.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good to improve our overall health by improving health conditions e.g. depression, blood fat, inflammation in joints, blood pressure etc.

Protein and calcium

These content (4.4 grams & 177 mg per serving of an ounce) in chia seeds help in maintain good bone strength as well as strong muscles.

Why should go for Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds?

Getting the product from a reliable and known brand can assure quality and Nutiva is no doubt a great name and known to a huge number of people.

The chia seeds supplied from Nutiva are of high quality and nutritious.

They are good to add to your smoothies, noodles, salads, baked recipes as well as in ice creams.

Nutiva chia seeds are available in multi flavors of “black, white as well as ground”.

What we like about Nutiva Organic chia seeds: 

Nutiva health products are good in quality and product packaging. They are nutritious and follow the FDA guidelines.

The product is organic and has many nutrition in recommended quantities.

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