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How to Use Rhassoul Clay for Skin and Hair

The wonders of Rhassoul Clay are becoming more and more well-known.

But, the "what is it" and "why awareness of it suddenly on the rise is" questions are still there.

Beauty products and health products often have some areas where they overlap. This is one of the many areas that Rhassoul Clay comes into play.

There are so many health and beauty benefits and it's a miracle that Rhassoul Clay stayed under the radar for so long.

If you are looking for one product to replace many, read on! Rhassoul Clay may be the answer for you and there are probably many benefits you haven’t heard of before.​

What Is Rhassoul Clay?

A high-quality soothing clay that acts through external contact. Rhassoul Clay will continue to keep its quality in dry and cool places. At its core, Rhassoul clay is what it sounds like, clay.

Some clays play roles in spa sessions or luxury weekends. With the many types of clays available though Rhassoul clay stands out from the others.

Naturally dried and volcanic in nature it isn’t like the others. It may be found by different names like Ghassoul Clay or Red Moroccan Clay but Rhassoul Clay cannot be confused for any other!

Even sometimes it is simply called Red Clay, but be careful in products that don’t specify where it is from.

Rhassoul Clay is from a mountain range in Morocco. The Atlas Mountains have a unique environment created by the ground temperature and volcanic activity.

This clay found in a dry form which makes it different from many other types of clay. Because of the ground heat, and volcanic activity, Rhassoul Clay is silky and crumbles.​

Some Amazing Facts about Rhassoul Clay​

  • Romans utilized Rhassoul Clay for its healing and skin preserving properties!
  • Greeks used it to cure a number of diseases and ailments.
  • North Africa has used Rhassoul Clay as a beauty product for over 100 years.
  • In Arabic Jebel Ghassoul, the original name of Rhassoul Clay was recognized by, means “Mountain of the Washer”.

On top of the cultural fun facts, there are a number of others. It has been in use for centuries and it’s a wonder that it is only recently making its way into North America.

What are common known facts about Rhassoul Clay?

  • It is great for mature skin more than any other skin type.
  • It can pull out toxins!
  • It can restore elasticity.
  • It is naturally moisturizing!
  • Builds hair volume!

What you really need to know is how you can benefit and use Rhassoul clay in your daily life. Reap all the benefits and bulk up before this stuff really takes off!

Why Is Rhassoul Clay So Popular?​

We’ve been discussing how Rhassoul Clay is growing in popularity, and it’s because there isn’t a downside. Rhassoul Clay is getting so much attention because of its uses as a beauty product.​

Benefits of Rhassoul Clay for Skin​

Rich in silica, magnesium, calcium, potassium and many more minerals that feed your skin. Rhassoul Clay will leave you feeling nourished and silky.

Use it as a face wash, or face mask you will immediately be able to feel the benefits.

Through absorbing unwanted oil and dirt, it acts as a potent extractor. Working to pull out toxins and impurities.

Improve the feel, texture, and appearance of your skin by initiating Rhassoul Clay into your beauty regimen.​

How to use Rhassoul Clay For Skin​

Tip 1

Use Rhassoul Clay as a face scrub daily to see the slow and steady improvement of your skin that will continue to show you benefits.

Do this by taking a small amount in the palm and mixing it with water to form a paste.

You can also mix the clay with apple cider vinegar or honey. But using either liquid to bring your dry, powdery clay into a nice paste will get you started for the morning, or detoxed at night.

Tip 2

You can take the above tip to the next step as an incredible mason jar gift!

Layer over each other, ground oatmeal, clay and other natural skin care supplements such as mint or aloe vera then gift away;

just add a small note that it needs a bit of water.​

Benefits of Rhassoul Clay for Hair

Rhassoul Clay brings all the benefits for skin, into the hair.While it will seem strange at first working anything you would put on your face into your hair but this feeling will quickly go away!

Leaving hair silky smooth, and with restored volume from its mega-hydrating abilities.

Treating your hair as if it is one step above the rest starts with natural products. Often we reach for whatever is on the shelf, but, Rhassoul Clay is easily available and at completely affordable prices!​

How to Use Rhassoul Clay for Hair​

For deep clean mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with your Rhassoul Clay until you work into a not as thick paste as you would use for your face.

I wish I could give more exact measurements but the variances of both hair thickness and lengths it isn’t quite possible.

Wet your hair first, and let the mud in! Then give your hair a good wring and after a few minutes, a thorough rinse.

Other benefits

Aside from the many benefits discussed here we’ve seen that Rhassoul Clay can work to tighten, firm and smooth your skin.

This works also to reduce acne and is a great option for sensitive skin.

A natural shampoo and eco-friendly body wash you can use Rhassoul Clay for nearly anything in line with beauty and skin or hair care.​

Side effects​

If used incorrectly, Rhassoul Clay can have some unwanted effects.

Including undesirable reactions specifically on dyed or chemically treated hair. Most often what is seen is dampening or tarnished color of hair dye.

When used as a shampoo, frequently users may see hair breakage specifically if they aren’t using appropriate water to clay ratios.​


The best advice possible for using Rhassoul Clay is to add water if you feel it’s too thick for use.​

Where to buy Rhassoul Clay?

There are many places to get your desired amount of Rhassoul Clay.

Here are are some of the best brands that could serve your purpose and all available at Amazon.

1. Poppy Austin 100% Organic Rhassoul Clay

2. Elma and Sana Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

3. Ghassoul Lava Clay Mask​

Final Words:

Rhassoul Clay is an amazing and natural product that is becoming more available and more uses are being found on a regular basis!

Its benefits for skin and hair make it a suitable natural product for all who have tried many products but are not satisfied.

Did you ever try Rhassoul Clay? What is your experience? Please don't forget to share it here.​

Article Updated On: 07.07.2017

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