We are a health and fitness online media that promote education. In this response, we have started to offer scholarships to the needy and eligible candidates. We know that while studying many of the students have to work outside to finance their education. And any financial aid matters to them.

Amount of financial aid: Up to $1000. 

Who can apply.

The scholarship is for all and any candidate can apply.

How to apply.

Please send an email to following email address along with an essay on any subject you’re comfortable with and answering the following things:

1. Your complete resume.

2. Why do you think you need the scholarship?

3. What is the most important thing in your life?

4. How is your current education financed?

5. Have you already gotten financial aid from other places/your institution?

Application Guidelines:

1. Only one application per student is applicable.

2. Please send the application to bkumar@healthynews24.com.

3. The last date of receiving the applications is 31.12.2016.

4. The applicant has to apply through their educational institution’s email services. ( Emails from private providers will not be entertained).

5. The applicant has to include a link to their Facebook profile if they have.

6. Please send a scan copy of your college identity card.

We look forward to see your applications. For any queries you’re free to contact at bkumar@healthynews24.com.

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