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Don’t Use Soybean Oil until You Know This

Soybean oil! Is Soybean oil good or bad?

 Is this a miracle oil and going to solve all your health issues or just another hype that has nothing to do with your health?

Through this article, we would put some light on soybean oil and try to find out;

is it really good for your health? If yes; what does make it healthy, and if not then why?

Let us start now.

Soybean oil is one of the most used oils in margarine, processed foods, snacks and ready to eat foods.

What could have made soybean oil so popular?

Studies in 1950-1960 find a correlation between  saturated fatty acids (SFAs) and increased risks of cardiovascular diseases and restrict consumption of foods and oils rich in SFAs. (1)
That is enough to popularise usages of soybean oil all where you could use oils.
The consumption of soybean oil had been increased significantly because it is oil with a good content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFas).

Its popularity could even be proved by the fact that in 2007, nearly 40 million tons of soybean oil was produced globally. This is approx. half of the total edible vegetable oils and one-third of total fats and seeds oil produced globally. (1)

In 2012-2017, it is also in a growing trend and the production is increasing year by year.

Obesity and how does it impact our lives?

Estimates suggest nearly 50% population of the U.S is going to be obese by the time we reach 2030. It is 36% now. This is not good news for both you and the country because it would impact your health and the economy.(1)

This is really an alarming situation which needs to be addressed now if we want to protect our future.

There is no doubt by now that you don't know the deadly consequences of obesity or overweight on your health.

Here is a quick refresher for you.

An obese human is more likely to die from hypertension or diabetes or heart disease than a person who is living with a healthy weight.
So what could be done to prevent obesity epidemic from being so deadly?

The answer is simple: We must cut out the excess weight through being active, regular exercising and adopting a healthy diet.

The first two are the easiest things you can do because it is you who decide and plan your schedule accordingly.
But, the last one; healthy diet, is not an easy option and the reason is it takes a lot of efforts to get a healthy diet.

We don’t want to confuse you, but look at the following report and decide yourself.

As per a report, the average sodium consumption of Americans is higher than they need. And sodium is a mineral whose consumption should be controlled because it is a key factor increasing blood pressure.

Another report says, 10% of our daily calories requirements come from added or refined sugar . And it is when the consumption of added sugar has been dropped.

Now let us come to our main topic, Soybean oil.
And examine one by one and find out is soybean oil something we could use every day?
As we have already stated the harmful effects of obesity on one’s life and health.
Now, it's time to look at soybean oil and see how does it affect our health.

There are multiple studies on soybean oil and its impacts on health. Some studies find it good and promote it but there are some that don’t support it.

Like this study which finds that soybean oil causes obesity and diabetes more than coconut oil. The reason is soybean oil deteriorates metabolic health more than coconut oil.

Some of the key findings of this study are: soybean oil increases consequences of diabetes and induces insulin resistance.
Soybean oil is not liver friendly because it results in fatty liver. (2)
Anything that impacts our metabolic health negatively may not be considered good for our body.

However, the study was carried out on mice and more pieces of research are required to justify the claim for the human. But, it is clear if you’re using this oil you must use it in moderation.

Soybean oil is also not weight loss friendly because it has higher calories content. (An ounce of soybean oil has 248 calories)

Benefits of soybean oil

Soybean oil has a high smoke point.
An ounce of soybean oil has 16.2 grams of PUFas. And, Its PUFas content improves cholesterol levels and reduces triglyceride levels.(3)
It is also rich in vitamin K and E. ( An ounce of soybean oil fulfill your 64% of daily requirement of vitamin K).

Vitamin K improves bone health by reducing chances of bone fracture. Vitamin E helps in improving skin and eye health as well as boosting one’s immune system.(4)(5)(6)

Does soybean oil benefit your hair?

It is better to understand first how using oils can help your hair growing and preventing hair loss and damage.
Your hair needs utmost care because they improve your look and increase your confidence.

Oils are important for the good health of your hair. If you’re using them regularly you’re decreasing chances of hair breakage. Your hair absorbs water that damages your hair. Oil reduces the amount of water your hair absorbs making a protective layer which leads to lowering of repeated swelling and drying, a potential cause of hair damage.

Definitely, you need better care of them. But which is the best oil that your scalp would love?

A study finds that oils with saturated and monounsaturated fats diffuse in hair faster than the oil with  polyunsaturated fatty acids.(7)

So soybean could be considered good for hair care because it has all types of fats, saturated, monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated.

Does soybean oil benefit your skin?

Your skin is the most visible part of your body and exposed all the time to Sun when you’re outdoor.

However, aging is a continuous process and starts when someone is born, it can only be slow down from a good diet and active lifestyle.

But, the effect of aging could be abnormal for some people like Natalia Dzenkiv, who was detained at an airport for looking younger than the age she claimed.

Can you guess her age?(8) I think you can't.

But, everyone is not like her.
Soybean is good for skin because of the vitamin E content. (A 28 grams serving of soybean oil has 2.3 mg of vitamin E that is equivalent to 11% of your daily requirement)


If you have always heard good things about anything you’re likely misjudging it.
Like a coin has two faces, it is true for all.
Soybean oil has good as well as bad effects on your health. You should use it but in the limit.
If you think a particular thing has a good effect on your health and its excess would add more to your health. You’re wrong because the excess of everything is bad.

And there are also many enticing headlines that would force you to visit your nearby store and getting soybean oil for your next dish.
But, it would be harder for you to acknowledge that soybean oil is not the only oil you should be using.

What do you think about soybean oil? Do you use it? Don’t forget to share your views.

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