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Viva Labs Vitamin-D3 5000 IU Product Review

We’re not exposed to the sun like we used to be.

Our jobs keep more of us indoors.  We have more activities that keep us occupied inside our homes.  And when we do venture outside, we’re adamant about putting on protective sunscreen.

While the above situations provide several health-related benefits (like decreased risk of skin cancer and heat-related illnesses, to name a couple)…

They also deprive us of an important vitamin – D3.

Vitamin D3 is crucial in maintaining proper function of calcium in your body.

And that subsequently provides a whole host of other health-related benefits.

Needless to say, to go without it is to rob your body of an essential vitamin.

But if we’re not getting enough throughout the day, what’s our alternative?  The answer to that question is supplementation.

And Viva Labs is one of the companies that offers Vitamin D3 supplements to needful consumers.  Below, we’ll take a look at this supplement and determine if it’s a viable solution to help negate your D3 deficiency.

What Is Viva Labs Vitamin D3 5000 IU?

As we briefly touched on earlier, vitamin D3 is essential for maintaining the proper functionality of calcium in your body.

When that occurs, your body experiences these other health-related benefits:

Increased bone integrity. 

Vitamin D3 is necessary for calcium to be absorbed by your bones.  This function naturally strengthens your bones and makes them less vulnerable to fractures.

Helps enhance mood. 

One study in 1998 found that vitamin D3 helped enhance the mood of subjects during the winter months, helping treat the symptoms of a seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Helps prevent birth defects. 

A recent study links vitamin D3 with protecting expectant mothers from neural tube defects.

Promotes healthy teeth. 

A study performed by the American Journal of Medicine concluded that vitamin D3 and calcium supplements reduce tooth loss in elderly subjects.

Viva Labs created its Vitamin D3 supplement as a means of providing consumers with the above benefits without having to excessively expose themselves to the sun or drastically change their diet.

It provides your body with 5,000 UI of vitamin D3 per day – the recommend amount for adults ­– in the form of a soft-gel capsule.

What Makes Viva Labs Vitamin D3 Unique?

Viva Labs makes its D3 supplement with Quali-D – a naturally occurring vitamin D source derived from lanolin (sheep wool).  This source of D3 supposedly promotes increased absorption of the vitamin and enhances overall stability.

Also, Viva Labs’ D3 is non-GMO.  Meaning it is not genetically modified, and it doesn’t contain any yeast, sugar, and soy by-products and no preservatives.

The “icing on the cake” is that it is guaranteed manufactured within the U.S. (and under strict U.S. manufacturing guidelines).  This tends to ease consumers’ concerns that there may be impurities or toxins in the end product.

What We Don’t Like About Viva Labs Vitamin D3

  • Capsule made of Bovine Gelatin. While this may not matter to some, it could be a crucial deciding factor for vegans and vegetarians.  Bovine is derived from cattle, so the capsules are not entirely animal-free.

What We Love About Viva Labs Vitamin D3 5000 IU

  • GMO-free. This particular supplement contains no genetically modified organisms.  In our opinion, the more natural the supplement, the better!

  • Manufactured within the U.S. This means the manufacturing process is under strict guidelines by the United States – which means a drastically decreased chance of being exposed to toxins or impurities.

  • High-quality vitamin D3. Viva Labs has created a very high-quality end product.  The capsules have no preservatives and no artificial by-products.  And the vitamin D3 source (Quali-D) is very well reputed throughout the industry.

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