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This Is What You Can Learn From These 6 Celebrities Who Have Fought and Found Ways to Get Over Depression( They All Overcome It)

Light! Camera!! Action!!

Never been “Celebrity Crazed” but I could imagine what it meant to be the topic of discussion all over the globe.

A lot of people always picture stardom as a “get out of jail card” from the pressure of life experienced by “regular” folks.​

We seem to juxtapose fame, wealth with peace and happiness.

Regular people are quick to quote, “… it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle!”​

According to a popular Detroit-based Psychiatrist, Vasillis K. Pozios, “Celebrities aren’t immune to depression and mental health concerns and fame can increase your vulnerability to mental illness”.​

Most of these Celebrities are sometimes booked with shows from the beginning of the year until the end with no break.

Most top performers spend months on tours all over the globe with little time for health or family check up.​

Sometimes, performances, movie shoots, and shows are done to the early hours of the day jumping from one location to the other. All these commitments and gigs even though they bring in lots of cash, they can also take a drastic toll on the health (physical or mental) aspect of the subject.​

One thing worthy of mention is that depression affects anyone no matter your societal status and it starts with just a thought, a negative idea.

The gospel truth is that depression kills if you let it control your mind and you fail to seek help.​

A lot of our screen idols and those we hang their photos in our bedrooms have gone through that phase of depression even though we all felt their lives should be perfect.

Some did lose the battle to depression but some went through it and came out with a lesson for us all. These are some of our role models, celebrities, screen idols that went into the red sea of depression but refused to perish but came out victorious.​

​1. Paulina Porizkova

With all the beauty and fame and being the most sought after in the world in the ‘80’s, Paulina Porizkova couldn’t escape the grip of depression.

Although, she was on the cover of top magazines in the world she was addicted to antidepressants.

She was a fan of the antidepressant drug “Lexapro” until she saw her life start crumbling both in the family, career, and her health.​

What did she do?

She took action.​

She did not keep it to herself she started talking to people who could help and started doing exercise to stay positive.

You can get off depression only if you start talking to those who can help you and stay positive by engaging in what makes you think positive.​

2. Nicole Kidman​

Being married to one of the most sought after men in world history would have been considered a fairy tale.

But being divorced after 11 years together while unknowingly pregnant is enough reason for depression to set in.

Nicole who had issues with getting pregnant naturally experiencing lots of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy, she fell deeply into depression.​

She found ways to get over depression when she was able to conceive her first child Sunday Rose naturally.

She also admitted it in an Interview:

One thing to note here is that depression always have a solution only if you are patient and let the miracle happen.​

3. Frank Bruno​

Regarded by many as a boxing legend didn’t stop popular boxer Frank Bruno from being hit by bipolar disorder.​

He hid his struggle against bipolar disorder but couldn’t help himself until he shared his experience with family and friends.

One of his friends shared, “it is really sad that Frank has been struggling for the last few weeks now and really need help”.​

Frank had to admit himself into a hospital that focuses on the type of predicament he was facing. Frank who revealed in a statement. “This may well be the toughest time of my life, but I’ll do all I can to win.​

Note something here, he wasn’t going to let depression get the better of him.

Determine to fight depression, do not hide your anguish and struggle against it.

He went further to reveal that he had to engage in doing 4000 press-ups at night and engaging in health campaign.

Always find what helps you get out of depression, GET BUSY POSITIVELY.​

4. Cara Delevingne​

Growing up in an upper-class family where the society looks up to your family as role models and an ideal family but deep down you just want to die.

Cara suffered from dyspraxia which affected her thought even though she was successful on the runway but still couldn’t get away from depression on her own.

She had to seek help and go on medications.

She described depression as “a void that I constantly live with but I have been able to get over it with conceived confidence".

All through her battles with anxiety, she was able to stay confident and speak out.​

5. Catherine Zeta- Jones​

Bipolar disorder, a mental issue that is characterized by excessive mood swings, anxiety, and a high level of irritability.

Well, it’s not only common to “regular” people but to everybody.​

This was the case of Award Winning Actress Catherine Zeta- Jones who finally revealed to the public about her continuous struggle with bipolar disorder.

The Actress had to admit herself into a US rehab clinic to seek help concerning the issue.​

We should note that she took action.

6. Dwayne Johnson​

Popular Wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson revealed to viewers on the OWN network Oprah’s Master Class Series how he battled depression and overcame it.

He went further to state that depression for him started after he was dropped from the football squad and his football career began to crumble.

Dwayne even though he started experiencing depression in his 20’s, he decided to seek for a guide who he found in his dad.

He decided to let go of football and become a wrestler which he said, helped him get out of the pit of depression.

He believed that the side of whatever he felt was something good.

If you want to get out of depression, it might not be an easy journey but talk to people who can help you no matter your status.​

Let go of the past and everything, people that remind you that ugly past. Be confidence and stay positive.

We would love if you share your experiences with depression and how you conquered depression. We would love to hear your own side of the story.​

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